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May has been a BIG month at our house. One week after Millie’s 3rd birthday, she started wearing BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR!!! We tried potty training her when she was about 2.5 but after a whole week of accidents, tears, and Clorox cleaning wipes, we determined she was just not ready to train and put her back in diapers. She would sit on the potty on and off, had a few successes at daycare, but overall did not seem overly interested in going potty. After David was born, she showed NO interest in the potty for a few weeks. She didn’t even want to sit on it. After about a month, she started to show “signs of readiness.” For the first time EVER, she would ask for her diaper to be changed. That’s right, up until then, she was perfectly content to sit in a wet or even dirty diaper. 2 weeks before her 3rd birthday that changed. All of a sudden it was “diaper wet” and “wwwwww, poop!” HOORAY! We talked about going potty a lot and I’ve always invited her to join me in the bathroom when I go, but around this time we also started reading her potty book daily and I told her that she was a big girl and would start wearing underwear soon. A week after her birthday, I told her “no more diapers” and that was that. She had 2 accidents the first day (once in the bathroom— she just didn’t make it to the potty, and once when I was cooking— my bad). From there she had an accident on day 4 (the first time we left the house in big girl underwear) and maybe a couple more than I don’t remember. She still struggles to make it to the potty for #2 but I’ve heard that can take a while. She is wearing underwear all the time, even overnight, and, not only are we proud of her, she is very proud of herself. She runs out of the bathroom shouting “I did it!! I did it!” multiple times a day. I really wanted her to be potty trained before David was born, but, JUST LIKE EVERYONE TOLD ME, she did it when she was ready. 


Yesterday, Millie and David had their well checks. Millie is a healthy, 28.5 pound 3 year old. The doctor watched her walk and jump and had her draw a circle. She said Millie was very good at following directions (for her, maybe) and we talked about her speech. I shared my thoughts that she is a little behind and, after asking her a few questions, she referred us for a speech evaluation. Pretty much what I expected. The doctor said we should be able to understand about 75% of her words. I can probably understand that much, but other people don’t know what nee-nul (purple), dada-doo (chocolate milk), and dee-dah (David) mean. I am hoping the evaluation goes well and we are either given exercises to work on at home or that she’ll improve with just a few sessions. I go back to work soon and am nervous about fitting in speech therapy with a crazy-busy schedule. David’s half of the appointment went well. He is a healthy, 12 pounds 15 oz at 2 months (actually 10 weeks) old. He seemed a little wary of the doctor, which surprised me since Millie wasn’t like that at his age. It made me a little nervous since soon he’ll be at daycare and I need him to be comfortable with a caretaker other than mommy. 

I can’t believe May is almost over (where did March and April go??). For the next week and a half, I am planning on soaking up every moment with my two kiddos. I am not looking to returning to work, but it is inevitable so I need to just face it. Hopefully we fall into a routine quickly and easily. 


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1 month old on 4-17-14

1 month old on 4-17-14

David is actually 6 weeks old today, so this “1 month old” post is a little late. Better late than never, right? Here’s some things to remember from our baby boy’s first month:

  • David weighed in at 10 lbs 10 oz at his 1 month appointment (1 ounce bigger than Millie was at her 2 month appointment). He is a big healthy boy!
  • David eats every 2.5 to 3 hours, but there have been days when he’s eaten every hour.
  • David likes to be swaddled when he sleeps and takes a pacifier
  • He is wearing size 3 month clothing. He was too big for the newborn size right from the start.
  • We get stopped everywhere we go so that people can rave about David’s hair (both the quantity and the length). I love it most when it is freshly dried after a bath, so fluffy!
  • David smiled his first real smile at 5 weeks old and started cooing then too.
  • David is held a lot— we all take turns. Big Sister Millie asks to hold him at least twice a day.
  • David goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 then wakes at 1:15 am and 4 am for feedings.
  • David is a noisy sleeper, making lots of little grunts and sighs. He would fuss a bit to let Mommy know when he was hungry, but never did wake his sister in the overnight hours. He slept in a bassinet in Mommy and Daddy’s room for his first month.
  • David, unlike his sister, does not have a lot of nicknames. He is called “David” most often, sometimes “buddy.”
  • David is a snuggly baby. When having a fussy day, he is easily calmed to sleep if Mommy lays down next to him.

2014-04-13 12.29.57

Millie will be 3 years old tomorrow (4-29-14)! I remember 3 years ago today, being a few days past my due date and complaining to Nate that it felt like I was never going to have our baby. Fast forward to today, I can hardly believe I have a 3 year old. Here are some things I want to remember about life with this girl:

  • Millie is LOUD. She is constantly jabbering, clapping, stomping, dropping things… ALWAYS MAKING NOISE. When I say “MILLIE!” she now just says “sorry, Mommy” as an immediate response and goes about her noisy ways.
  • Millie is loving. She loves her baby brother. She loves her friends at daycare. She loves her grandparents. If I stub my toe, she runs over to give me a kiss and make it better.
  • Millie’s favorite TV shows are Caillou and Super Why. She also likes to watch The Little Mermaid.
  • Millie sings all the time— “Twinkle Twinkle”, “ABCs”, and “I Love You” from Barney are part of her regular rotation. Instead of “I love you, you love me”, she sings “I love me, I love me ” for the opening line.
  • Millie’s speech is a little behind (compared to other 3 year olds I know). I’m not worried about this at all. I know she will catch up. Her hearing is fine and she can make the correct phonetic sounds, she just mispronounces some words. Here are some of my “favorite” mispronunciations: Nee-nul (purple),  Mama Nee (Grandma Diane), Nin (Aunt Jen), hummis (gummis, as in fruit snacks).
  • Millie continues to be the Queen of Nicknames. We regularly call her Mills, Moose, Moosey, Moose-juice, Mildred, Millicent, Moo-Moo,  Sissy, Sis, Millie-Girl. (See why it’s strange that her brother LACKS nicknames?)
  • Millie loves to play outside, especially on a slide.
  • If you ask Millie what she wants for dinner, she almost always says “cheeseburger” but her favorite food is probably a taco or enchilada with lots of sour cream. Ice cream is her favorite treat.
  • Millie is wearing mostly size 3T. In pants, she can fit into 24 month for the waist, but needs the 3T length. She wears some 4T tops.
  • Millie’s 3 year doctor’s appointment is a month away, so I’ll have to update her weight (maybe 30 lbs?) and stats at a later time.

My heart is very full today. It’s surreal to have a 3 year old and 6 week old. I am so honored to be their mother.

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Baby David!!!!   1 comment


David Nathaniel was born at 2:14 pm on March 17, 2014. He weighed a whopping 8 pounds 12.4 ounces and had a full head of hair. This gorgeous boy is a perfect fit into our family and we have been loving the past 13 days with him! David’s delivery went smoothly. Here are some highlights from that day:

  • 4 cm at 11 or 11:30 am, got my epidural and was feeling much better (contractions SUCK). Nate took this time to run out and eat a quick bite for lunch.
  • About an hour later, I started feeling pressure. The nurse checked me and I was only 6 cm dilated. The pressure quickly turned to pain and they called for the anesthesiologist to come back.
  • The anesthesiologist tried dosing me with a different medication, but, after waiting 20-30 minutes for it to kick it, we found it did nothing to dull the painful contractions. He said sometimes the epidural just stops working. My doctor checked me about this time (around 1:30 pm), and said I was 10 cm dilated!! I started crying, saying “I can’t push this baby without an epidural!” and was promised that they would do their best to make me more comfortable… but that meant re-placing the epidural. I had to sit up, curl my back, and remain as still as possible while they placed the epidural, all while breathing through some pretty significant contractions— NOT FUN— but it worked. I was feeling 100% pain relief after about 20 minutes. 
  • Once the epidural kicked in, it was time to push. They’d had me sit up in bed and “labor down” while the epidural kicked in and that must have moved the baby down because the doctor could see his head before the first push. He left the room for a minute (he had 1 other mom in labor and she and I were “racing” to see who would deliver first). While he was out of the room, the nurses had me push and, with one quick push, his head was delivered! The nurses told me to stop for a minute, they quickly got Dr. Wiwi back in the room, and David was born after 1 more push, just 4 minutes after the first! (Had I known I would only push for 4 minutes, I probably would have skipped that second epidural, but hindsight is 20/20… my mom wants me to have 1 more baby so that we can see how fast that one comes. With Millie, I pushed for about 40 minutes, 4 minutes with David. Nate says #3 would be 4 seconds.)
  • They placed him on my chest immediately and I remember thinking (1) THAT HAIR and (2) he’s bigger than Millie was. The nurses took him from me pretty quickly. Since he was delivered so quickly, he didn’t benefit from all the squeezing that helps to remove fluid from baby’s lungs, so they took him to the bassinet to suction him. Minutes later, he was in Daddy’s arms, wide eyed and alert.
  • His first feeding went great— I nursed for 40 minutes! He’s been an eager eater ever since. 🙂
  • Mille got to meet her little brother just a few hours after his birth. She said “Hi, David” and then enjoyed playing around in the hospital room. She came back to visit the next day and got to hold him (she really liked that).



Here we all are, about 3 hours after David was born— happy, happy, happy moment! 

What has life at home been like now that we’re a family of 4? Pretty good so far:

  • The first week, David wanted to eat every 2 hours. It was exhausting. He sometimes goes 3 hours between feedings now, which gives me an extra hour to get to laundry, cooking and playing with Millie.
  • David tends to have a fussy time around 9-10 pm, which is a tough time for Mom and Dad. I forgot how exhausting the newborn days can be.
  • Diapering a baby boy is a whole new ball game! We’ve had leaks galore! I think we’re starting to get the hang of things now.
  • We’ve learned that Millie is the loudest person we know. Not the loudest toddler— the loudest person. She makes noise just to make noise. ALL THE TIME. Thankfully, David hasn’t seemed too bothered by the volume. In other good news, Millie seems to be adjusting very well to having a brother. She hasn’t acted out or been overly jealous or any of the things I worried she’d be. She’s a very loving big sister. She says “it’s ok, shhhh” when he cries and sings “twinkle twinkle little star” to him, which is adorable.

David had a check up at 5 days old— he weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz (he got down to 8 lbs 4 oz at 2 days old) and we were told he is perfect! I could have told the doctor that much. We’re enjoying these early weeks with our new baby and we know these days will go by too quickly. We’re also looking forward to Millie’s 3rd birthday, which is quickly approaching, and for the end of the Spring semester. Nate has been such a trooper— working full-time, balancing classes, homework and Practicum hours for his Master’s degree, and parenting 2 kiddos is a lot of work!

We’ll continue to update as much as possible through this blog. I’ll leave you with one more picture of the newest member of our family to hold you over until the next update. ENJOY!


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38 Weeks   Leave a comment

38 WEEKS PREGNANT!!! AHHHH!! My mom was saying the other day that this pregnancy has flown by. I found out I was expecting on July 16th and, after a very long and cold winter, July feels like a lifetime ago. But I will say that this last trimester has gone by quickly. 

I  have a history of blood clots and am homozygous for Factor V Leiden so I have been on blood thinners this whole pregnancy, just like I was with Millie. I switched from Lovenox (a once a day injection) to Heparin (2 injections a day) 2 weeks ago. Since then, I have had the pleasure of weekly doctor appointments, ultrasounds (to check fluid levels) and twice weekly non-stress tests (he is a little stinker during those— every time they try to get his heart beat on the monitor he moves away and the MA has to go searching for him). Everything has looked good so far. David’s ultrasounds revealed chubby cheeks (so cute, reminds me of his cousin Mateo) and lots of hair (like his sister and cousins John and Gracie)! He also is looking like he running out of room, which is a good thing because it means it’s almost time to get this show on the road! For those of you who like details, I am 2 to 2.5 cm dilated (yay!) but my cervix hasn’t thinned out yet (boo). I go back to the doctor on Monday and am hoping for more “proof” of progress.

I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions with this baby. With Millie, I had some, but they were never painful, just felt like my abdomen was tightening. This time, I have uncomfortable contractions and lots of cramping that make me think “oh, could this be it?” So far, no dice. The contractions are irregular and don’t get any stronger. David just keeps faking me out. Silly boy. 

Now that I’m down to the end, I’m playing the guessing games. When will he make his arrival (I think March 20, the first day of spring, sounds like a lovely birthday)? How much will he weigh (Millie was 7 lbs 4 oz but he feels bigger to me)? Will he look like his sister? What will Millie think of him? Time will tell and— time is running out!!!

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36 Weeks   1 comment

I am now 36 weeks pregnant with David Nathaniel…


I am so looking forward to these last few weeks of the pregnancy and to officially meeting this little boy. I am feeling pretty good. I have some aches and pains that come along with carrying around a nearly full-term baby, my sleep isn’t as restful as it once was, and I make a lot of moan/groan sounds when I get up from being in a sitting position for too long.  BUT, the good outweighs the bad. It’s so neat to feel him roll and shift around. Sometimes I just sit and watch as my stomach twitches with his movement. TOO COOL. I will definitely miss that when he is born.

Nate and I have pretty much finished getting his room ready. There are still a few little things to do— like move the changing table into his room and raising the mattress to the higher level— but it’s almost finished.



It’s pretty simple, not Pinterest-worthy, but it’s nice to have a place just for David in our house. Our home feels “more homey” just with the thought of the new addition; can’t wait to see how it feels when he’s actually here. 

While I am super excited about David’s upcoming arrival, I am a bit nervous about a few things. If you are a believer, would you mind praying that:

(1) I don’t go into labor in the middle of the night (I’d hate to have to wake my mom to come and watch Millie at 2 am). My wish is that I’d go into labor around 6 am so Nate and I can take Millie to daycare like it’s a normal day and her schedule wouldn’t be impacted much. 

(2) Labor/delivery go smoothly

(3) David would be healthy

(4) We transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 with ease

We will keep you informed of events as they happen. BIG THINGS ARE ON THE HORIZON!!!!

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Baby Has A Name!   1 comment

When Nate and I found out we were pregnant back in 2010, we knew that we wanted to name the baby Millie Louise if it was a girl. So, when the ultrasound tech confirmed that we were having a little lady, we started calling her by name, no debates, no long discussions. It was so easy. I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy the second time around. It has been difficult to name Baby Boy. We started out thinking we would call him Martin (Nate and I just thought it was a funny, classic name that you don’t hear very often; plus we loved the idea of calling him ‘Marty’), but the name lost its luster as time went on. I didn’t like that our kids would both have “M” names because it sounded so intentional, even though we didn’t pick Martin because it was an “M” name. Also, Millie’s name is so special because it honors our grandmothers (Nate’s grandmother Millie Cowan and my mammas Betty Louise Jolly); Martin was just a fun choice. I worried that the “fun” would wear off someday and, without a sentimental reason for the name, I would end up not liking it. So, we began the boy name search… I liked Joel and Jonah (I like Old Testament names for boys) and Nate mentioned Truman (wasn’t sure if he was serious, but I shot it down) and Calvin. I had an ultrasound around 23 weeks and baby looked so, I’m not sure how else to state it, formed. He was sucking his thumb and had the sweetest little cheeks. Things felt so real and I remember thinking, I need to know this little boy’s name! So for several weeks Nate and I went back and forth discussing names. Then we stopped for a while cause we were getting NOWHERE. Then one day close to Christmas, Nate asked me “what does your gut say?” I don’t know, Nate, what does your gut say? He answered “David Nathaniel.” I WAS SOLD. Old Testament name? Check. Family name? Check (Nate’s name is Nathaniel David, so we’re just flipping it). We’ve spent the last weeks calling David by name and it sounds more right each time we say it. Millie can pronounce it, too, so that’s an added bonus. We’re well into the third trimester now, less than 9 weeks until David’s due date, and I am feeling better than ever. I’m excited to share more about the end of this pregnancy, all about how we’re preparing for baby and how Big Sister is doing (spoiler alert: she’s fantastic!) in the coming weeks. 

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Good News   1 comment

Last Saturday, I spent my whole morning at my doctor’s office. I had my glucose test, ultrasound and 28-week appointment. The ultrasound was first— and we got good news: no more cysts!! My doctor said this does not negate the fact that there were cysts on the 20 week ultrasound, but she said everything now looks normal and she doesn’t think we have anything to worry about. HOORAY! The baby was being pretty lazy during the ultrasound. He is currently positioned with his head under my ribs and feet near the, um, exit. He was facing my spine and REFUSED to roll over during the scan despite me poking him. He did move his little hand up to block my prodding. The ultrasound tech joked “Are you sure it’s a boy? He’s acting awfully stubborn like a girl!” Speaking of girls, Millie was cracking me up during the ultrasound. She was totally unimpressed by the miracle of her baby brother, kept asking “all done, mommy?” and she tried to turn the light on. Rotten, rotten girl. We finally got around to getting her a new bed (since we’ll need the crib in just a couple of months!). She was very “helpful” while Nate put it together and was so excited to sleep in it once it was done. All was good for about 2 hours. Then, things went downhill fast. The new bed is in our former guest room since the plan was to leave the crib, changing table and rocking chair in the little bedroom for the new baby and move Millie into a big girl room. I don’t know if it was just too much change (new bed, new room) but Millie cried most of the night until we finally brought her into our room after 2 am. So, she was back to sleeping in her crib the next night. Poor kiddo. She’s got a lot of change coming up. Hopefully she’ll adjust ok. Just about 11 weeks until my due date. Good grief, that sounds soon! We sure have a lot to do to get ready for this baby…

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