Heartbeat, It’s a Love Beat   Leave a comment

This morning, Julie had an appointment to hear L’il Person’s heartbeat. Nate did not go because he has been under the weather and was afraid of spreading illness to expectant mothers.

The heartbeat is strong, in the 150bpm neighborhood. Grownup heartbeats sound like this: THUM-BUMP      THUM-BUMP     THUM-BUMP.

L’il Person’s heart sounds like this: lubdublubdublubdublubdub. It’s fast and really cute. When Julie got home she got on the internet to see if we could guess a gender from the heartbeat. Old wives say we are having a girl based on the b(s)pm. Younger wives say the old wives are full of crap.

We’re very anxious to know what we are having, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait until science joins our team in December. All we have right now is our best guess, which is just about fifty-fifty.


Posted October 23, 2010 by Nate and Julie in L'il Person, Medical

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