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We are on the cusp of week seventeen. Julie’s pregnancy is beginning to manifest itself in new ways. There is of course the ever growing child inside her that is slowly beginning to protrude from her midsection. But there are also other indicators, like when she woke Nate up in the middle of the night to tell him that pie “sounds really good right now”.  (Thankfully she did not ask him to go out and get some). There is also the home improvement kick she is on; a phenomenon scientists refer to as “nesting”.

Our first project to prepare our house for L’il Person was to replace our furnace.

This Old Furnace

The Beast

Our old furnace was old. I’m sure it was a fine specimen in its prime, but by today’s standards it was huge and inefficient and noisy and rusty. Last winter we had it serviced and were told that before long we would have holes and cracks in our heat exchanger and would soon be dead from CO poisoning. While we took this with a grain of salt because the fellow was probably hoping to sell us furnace, we had already talked about replacing it and decided to save up before next winter. At the beginning of this week Carr Electric came out and replaced our beast with a nice reasonably sized, super efficient new furnace. We can already tell there’s a major difference and are hoping the gas company will notice pretty soon.


Posted November 14, 2010 by Nate and Julie in Home Improvement

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