A Room for L’il Person   1 comment

Saturday we had another doctor’s appointment to check L’il Person’s heartbeat. The doctor found it pretty easily and everything seems to be going along as it should. We also scheduled out next appointment to find out L’il Person’s gender. So in a couple weeks we should be able to use actual gender specific pronouns.

After leaving the doctor’s office Julie went to do some Christmas shopping, and Nate visited the local barber. While hunting for presents Julie also managed to find a changing table pad and a small dresser for L’il Person. We still had lots of day left  so we decided we may as well head up to IKEA and pick up L’il Person’s crib. We figure it’s time to start figuring out where all these baby accessories are going to go.  We’ve started clearing out Nate’s “office”, which will become L’il Person’s bedroom in a few months. Big brother Major has been very confused by all the commotion and could not figure out why Nate and Julie were not watching TV and holding him as usual. Pictures will follow once we get things set up.


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  1. I can’t wait to see pictures as the room comes together. And I’m seriously stoked to find out whether baby is a boy or a girl. My original guess of boy is less sure now that Dream-Baby-Keyse told me, “Aunt Jennifer, you thought I was a boy but I’m a girl!”

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