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There are a lot of baby items on the market. A lot. Maybe we’re unlike other expectant parents, but we refuse to believe that we need all of the baby-related products that stores like Babies-R-Us try to say are “must haves”. Today, we went to Babies-R-Us to use a gift card that we were so generously given. We walked around for an hour trying to decide what to get. We toured the many, many aisles looking at crib bedding, bath toys, first aid kits, baby shoes, diapers, wipes…. on and on… We got frustrated (well, Julie did; Nate’s patience is abundant). We looked at an adorable “I Love Daddy” picture frame, but couldn’t decide whose picture would go in the frame (Julie thinks Millie’s picture would be featured since she’d be saying that she loves her daddy while Nate assumed his picture would go in the frame since he is the object of the love). We considered getting diapers. Everyone is constantly reminding us that we’ll go through plenty of these. However, we couldn’t decide if we should purchase newborn diapers (for babies up to 10 lbs) or size 1 (for babies 8-14 lbs). If Millie decides to take after her cousin Gracie and be 9+ lbs at birth, the newborn diapers would be useless, but if she is more petite at birth, we could be using newborn diapers for quite a while. Ah, decisions. We continued to walk around (do we really need a baby grooming kit?), considered just leaving all together (that store is OVERWHELMING), and finally went back to the bedding aisles. We weren’t big fans of the baby quilts we saw, but agreed to use the gift card to purchase a breathable crib bumper.

Despite our purchase, we left the store feeling somewhat defeated. We really struggled to use a gift card to purchase something for our much-awaited baby girl! Following our trip to Babies-R-Us, we stopped at Half Price Books and totally redeemed ourselves. It turns out that while we struggle when it comes to purchasing typical baby products for Millie Lou, we REALLY enjoy looking at books for her. We both love to read and hope that our daughter inherits this passion. Today, we bought our first book for Millie’s collection. We’re looking forward to the day (in just a few short months!) when we’ll get to rock our baby girl and read this sweet book to her. Who cares if we’re clueless when it comes to what diaper size we should buy? We’ve got the important stuff figured out.


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  1. Here is the answer on the diapers. Buy size 2! Believe it or not you will get a lot of newborn and size 1 diapers as gifts because it is something that people know you will need right away. However, very few people think ahead and get diapers in the larger size. Either way, places like Walmart and Target will let you exchange for a larger size as long as the price is the same and the package is unopened.

  2. I will buy her so many books you guys won’t know what to do with them all! Jesse’s niece has some great books that you guys just have to have!

  3. Hey idiots. Why not put a picture of Nate and Millie Lou-Who together in the frame? Duh. And for the record, love the book and speaking of that, I have a surprise up my sleeve for you and Miss Millie. Just wait until your shower!

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