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We originally had BIG plans for Millie’s nursery. We were going to paint the walls a nice bright color, display a huge map of the United States on the feature wall and put up wall clocks set to different time zones (we thought it might make 2 am feedings more bearable). Nate was fortunate enough not to have to work the week between Christmas and the New Year, so we agreed that that would be a good time for him to do the bulk of the painting and furniture construction. Then, we changed the entire plan. We decided not to do anything very extravagant or overstimulating at all. Instead, we didn’t paint. That’s right, we just left the walls of the former office gray. I know what you’re thinking— GRAY? In a baby girl’s room? Heck yeah. It turns out gray is a nice, soothing color and it happens to look great with pink and white accents (besides, Nathaniel wasn’t thrilled about the idea of using his week off to paint). As for the giant map of the United States, it turns out those can be quite pricy. And, since we can’t imagine our baby complaining about the lack of a map in her room, we decided to skip the costly map and purchase a thrifty wall decal of a dandelion instead. Everything is turning out quite adorable so far. Check out a sneak-peak below:

See, the gray and pink look nice!

It’s kind of weird to have a nursery in our house. It’s nice too. It’s quickly turning into Julie’s favorite room in the house (it’s hard to resist those calming gray walls— we’re so glad we decided not to paint!). And, with less than 16 weeks until Millie is scheduled to make her debut, the nursery won’t be vacant for long.


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  1. I think gray is a good choice! It’s soothing and calming. Gray and pink are very cute together!

  2. I LOVE gray walls! It is neutral and almost any color will go! Good choice, even if it was kinda by chance! I wore a lot of gray suits with yellow, royal blue, pink, teal and red blouses. Love gray, as long as it’s not in the sky!

  3. I couldn’t love the wall decal more. I think it’s so great! And it will work in her room for a long time, not too baby-ish at all.

  4. Babies don’t see in color for a while any way. Developmental things with high contrast are better and more interesting. So the decal on the walls, perfect!

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