Who Will She Look Like?   5 comments

 We were cleaning out our basement yesterday— a significantly overdue project. As we were sorting through the mass of goods we have accumulated since moving into our house 2.5 years ago, we came across a stash of pictures and wanted to share a couple with you.

First, we have a picture of baby Julie (and baby Jennifer, of course— it’s hard to find solo pictures of us, especially in the early days).

Julie was about 9 months old in this picture— that’s how old Millie will be this time next year! We wonder if she will look like her Mommy…

…Or maybe she’ll look more like her Daddy. Here is a family picture taken when Nathaniel was 6 months old.

And wondering who she’ll look like gets us wondering about other things too. Will she arrive before her due date like Julie did? We hope not. Julie was born 6 weeks early and weighed just 3lbs 13oz (if Millie makes her debut 6 weeks early, she’ll be arriving in just 8 weeks!). Of course, we’d also prefer that she not arrive past her due date, like her father did. Nate doesn’t know the specifics but guesses that he was 2 weeks late and weighed 7 lbs (Julie has a feeling that as an overdue baby, he probably weighed more than 7 lbs…). We’re hoping for an on-time baby. Both Julie and Nathaniel were in the hospital for an extended stay after birth; we REALLY hope Millie decides not to take after either parent in this regard! Julie was a GREAT sleeper, Nathaniel was not (guess who we’d rather her take after in this situation).

As we creep closer and closer to the final trimester of the pregnancy, we are getting more and more excited about meeting our little girl. This week, Julie finally started feeling Millie move quite a bit (she’s been a lazy fetus up to this point). Each week, as the kicks get stronger (soon Nate will be able to feel them too), we’re reminded that the countdown is on. We won’t have to wonder who she’ll look like for long.


Posted January 16, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Julie, Millie, Nathaniel

5 responses to “Who Will She Look Like?

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  1. I think this is my favorite of your posts so far. Nate, you were PRECIOUS! I love that little grin. And Jules, you know I think we were adorable (and darn identical in that picture! I am guessing I’m the one sitting up and you’re on your belly?). Millie’s going to be absolutely gorgeous and perfect. I reserve my final guess for sometime in April, but at this point in time I’ll say that Miss Millie will arrive on the 24th, one day before her due date. Can’t wait to see who our girl most resembles!

  2. I love you guys, and can’t wait for Millie’s arrival. Love the pictures! If you truly want to know what the baby will look like, you can go to one of many websites and they can merge photos of you and Nate and then you’ll know!

  3. So cute! I’m gonna predict she will look like her mommy and I think she will be late and you may have to be induced. That’s my official guess lol. I’m so excited for your shower!

  4. She will have brown hair and brown eyes. She will be tall…about 5’10” with big feet…size 9 1/2 or 10. She will be the oldest child so she will be “assertive.” Some of her younger siblings will call that bossy. She will be bright and witty and lots of fun. She will have strong opinions. She should have a strong name to go with those strong opinions. Something with a consonant sound. Hmmm. How about Karen? Yes…Karen. I like the sound of that.

    • Wow, Karen. Except for the oldest child, I think you just described me (Julie)! 5’10”, size 10 feet, assertive (I think of it as a lack of timidity)… we could use more women like us in the world!

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