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Exciting things are happening at the Keyse House!! Ok, so maybe nothing truly exciting, but we have been keeping busy (too busy to update this blog as regularly as we originally intended). So here is a quick update from us, just to keep you all in the know:

  • Millie formerly known as “lazy fetus” has officially been renamed “mover and shaker”. That’s right, she went from moving hardly at all to moving quite a lot! Her busy times are between 9:30 and 10:30 am and again around 7:30pm. Nate was even able to feel his first kick last week. It was a wonderful moment for all 3 of us!
  • We have really gotten into the search for childcare! This is quite an intimidating task, but we are confident that we will find the right place for Miss Millie.
  • Major Tom got a haircut (I had to mention something about our first born…) and looks adorable. He is also getting very excited about becoming a big brother.
  • Aunt Jennifer (also known as Jennifer Galietti, twin sister extraordinaire) will be visiting in just 2 weeks! She hasn’t seen Julie since Labor Day weekend; things have grown quite a bit since then! We are all excited for her visit.
  • We are now in the final days of the 2nd trimester. That’s right, the 3rd and FINAL trimester begins on Monday, January 31. Just over 12 more weeks to go…

So, that’s what is going on with us. We will have a “proper” blog entry for you to enjoy soon, but hopefully this will hold you over until then.


Posted January 28, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Julie, Major Tom, Millie, Nathaniel

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  1. Very exciting stuff! Can’t believe the third trimester is almost here! Glad Millie is moving around and making herself known! 🙂

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