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Every parent thinks his or her child is beautiful, right? Well, we’re beginning to have doubts about that. It all goes back to our 20 week ultrasound which was done back at the beginning of December. We were thrilled to find out during the ultrasound that our baby is a girl and a healthy girl— all of her major organs were developing appropriately and her heart beat was nice and strong. However, we must admit that we were a bit terrified by one particular view of our baby girl. Check it out…

The ultrasound technician was saying “She’s curled up into the shape of a ‘c’. Here’s her body, oh and here is her face. Can you see  her eyes?” Ummm… yeah, we see them… she’s staring creepily right at us! And, excuse me, but is that a BEAK in the middle of her face??? Of course, we didn’t say any of that; we just ‘oohhhed’ and ‘ahhhhed” like good expectant parents should. And the rest of the ultrasound pictures weren’t nearly so creepy. We got a great shot of her feet (which resemble human feet as opposed to, say, bird talons)…

And this side view where she looks pretty darn adorable…

But, man, is it hard to get the “Is our baby going to be born with a beak?” question out of our minds! Oh well… we’ve come to the conclusion that we really don’t care if our baby is cute or not. Honestly, it doesn’t make a difference. We love her and can’t wait to meet her. Of course, as soon as she is born, before we count fingers and toes, we want a look at the face… just to make sure it’s human…

(Disclaimer— we don’t REALLY think our baby is ugly.)


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3 responses to “Bird Baby?

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  1. Baby beak? More like a little piggy snout. But a cute little piggy snout. And her feet are huge. I expected nothing less. Love her!!

  2. Julie, on Monday I thought you were probably slightly exaggerating about how the ultrasound made Millie look like a bird, BUT you weren’t! The picture seriously freaks me out. But her feet and profile are very cute and shows she does not have a scary bird face.

  3. Remember, Granny Leslie’s favorite movie is “Penelope”! 🙂

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