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Typically we do not disclose who the author of a particular blog entry is. Today, I am breaking the rules (this is Julie, by the way) because I am going to go super geeky and talk about a blog that I love (and I’d hate for people to think Nate was the blog-geek). If you haven’t checked out before, DO IT. It is a magical world full of DIY projects, decorating ideas, and other good stuff. John and Sherry are the bloggers (you know, John and Sherry— I talk about them all the time at home and Nate’s like “the people from the blog?”) and I love their style, their resolve (they start something and actually finish it!) and their typically reasonable budgets. John and Sherry (yep, I talk about them like I know them) had a baby girl last spring (I love to copy them) and made a DIY baby book to record all of their daughter’s firsts. I loved the idea and used as inspiration to make a baby book for Millie Lou. First, I picked up a cute scrapbook…

this was just $4 after a 50% off sale and 40% coupon!

Then I filled it with fun, colorful scrapbook paper…
And now I have a place to record all of Millie’s firsts! We also have a page dedicated to the pregnancy, one page for each month of Millie’s first year, and we even have a place where Nate and I each made predictions about Millie. For example, we each guessed when she will be born (Julie said April 28th at 9:30 am and Nate said April 24th at 1:32 pm) and what her first word will be (Julie said “doggy” and Nate said “Major”). Our neice Gracie loves looking at her baby pictures (she excitedly points and says “pictures of Baby Gracie!”) so we’re hoping Millie will enjoy this special book that’s all about her. Of course, I have a feeling it’s something Nate and I will cherish regardless of how Millie feels about it.


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  1. Right there with you on John and Sherry. They are amazing! I have a couple of their paint colors written down for the future when I decide to repaint the whole house again (Tony won’t let me do it yet). Baby book is going to be awesome! Just make sure you put in equal effort on a baby book if Millie ever has a little brother or sister!!

  2. When we were buying this I even thought to myself “Oh crap, I’m setting a precedent… now I have to do this for any future babies too!” So, I will be all over it.

  3. I started a scrapbook for Molly but even better than that, I feel, is my journal about her. I do it all on my laptop just as a word file. I write journal entries every so-often about the new things she is learning and doing, what her favorites are at each stage, just anything I think is sweet and want to remember. I feel like she will enjoy reading it when she is older. It’s something memorable I can do for myself and for her 😀

  4. Courtney, I love that idea!! I will probably steal it…

  5. Nathaniel is right. April 24. More like 10:54 PM. I feel certain of it.

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