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Nate here to talk a little bit about the wonderful tradition of baby showers. As a soon-to-be-father, I take my role rather seriously. I would like to be a very involved father; one who takes an interest in every facet of his daughter’s life. Perhaps that is why, when Julie asked if I would like to attend last weekend’s baby shower, I readily agreed.

This may have been my first great lesson of Fatherhood. Maybe I don’t need to be involved in everything. I am not saying the baby shower was an awful experience. The food was good, Millie got some good books I was able to flip through and look at the pictures, and it was very touching, and almost overwhelming to see how generous everyone has been. That being said, I just can’t work up the appropriate level of excitement over tiny pants with ruffles on the butt, and I can’t unwrap a package, hold up a box, and boldly declare, ‘It’s our(?) breast-pump’ without experiencing at least some amount of discomfort.

Not to say I won’t be willing to occasionally put aside my manhood to drink fake tea from a plastic teacup, my pinky proudly out. Or sing along to some awful song by the next incarnations of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

I’ve simply come to the realization that there will be some activities that Julie will take more pleasure in (i.e. wearing makeup and practicing cheerleading), just as there will be activities that will be a lot more fun for dad (i.e. learning to cook over a fire and equestrianism (Notice how much more awesome my stuff is)).

Looking back I suppose the shower was like Spiderman 3. I guess I’m glad I experienced it, but I have no desire to ever again.

It could have been worse. Some Latin American cultures still adhere to the tradition of the mother-to-be sitting in a tub for the duration of the shower while literally being showered to rid the baby of its evil.

It could have been better. In Germany the men have a traditional drinking party to celebrate the coming child. Because the beer looks a bit like urine they sometimes refer to these parties as babypinkel (baby pee) parties. Good one Germany.



Posted February 20, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Educational, Julie, Millie, Nathaniel

2 responses to “A Party for Millie

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  1. Firstly, this being the first time I have actually visted the blog… I almost regret it as I now notice that we have the exact same layout. I have now created more work for myself in that I now must find a new one.
    Secondly, good stuff all around. Spidey3 comparison was spot on.

  2. All I got from this is Nate wants to drink baby pee.

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