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Since our last blog post, we have been doing lots to prepare for Millie’s upcoming arrival (the due date is 7 weeks and 5 days away!). On Sunday, we went to Good Samaritan Hospital for the maternity tour. We joined 5 other couples and toured the Labor/Delivery  and Mom/Baby floors of the hospital. It was a very practical tour; we found out where we should park and got a peek at the accommodations we will enjoy during our first few days as a family of 3. It was fun to think that the next time we go to the hospital, we’ll be leaving with our newborn.

Labor/Delivery Room

Today, Julie had her 32 week check up. Everything is going well. Julie’s blood pressure is excellent, Millie’s heartbeat is strong and she is measuring right in line with her due date. So hopefully everything will go according to plan and Millie Louise will make her debut sometime between April 20 (Julie has a BIG test at work on April 19 so she cannot come sooner than that!) and April 28 (Julie doesn’t want to go more than a few days past her due date). Babies are good at coming when they are supposed to, right? Well, whenever she comes, we’ll be ready. We’ve got the car seat, onesies and some newborn diapers ready to go. Plus, now we know where to park at the hospital.


Posted March 3, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Julie, Medical, Millie, Nathaniel

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  1. Goodness that room looks to be twice the size of the room we were in. By the way did they show Nate where the Popsicles are kept. Chris was great about getting them for me when I was in labor the first time. Sadly after twenty some hours we learned he has been grabbing the sugar free version. Seriously, this is the one time in your life when you don’t need to worry about sugar free.

    • The room didn’t look quite that big in person. And no, they didn’t mention anything about popsicles! We’ll be sure to ask when we go to register! (And I’ll be honest, I rarely worry about sugar free!)

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