Millie’s Room (part 2)   7 comments

Ready to see more of Millie’s tiny room? Here is a picture of the corner that houses her rocking chair and bookshelf.

The chair was a gift from Millie’s grandparents (Nate’s mom and dad) and we love it. Do you like the blanket draped over the back?  That’s the one I made (and by made, all I did was sew a piece of flannel to a piece of patterned cotton— aren’t I crafty?). Now, let me show you a better picture of the bookshelf.

Isn’t it cute? The shelf was a gift from our friend Beth and my friends from church were kind enough to gift Millie with lots of books, so our little girl already has quite the collection. We can’t wait to read to her!

Moving right along, we have Millie’s dresser on the wall opposite the crib.

Look how cute her little shoes are on top of the dresser!

Now, I had to give you a peek at her closet, because the only thing as cute as baby shoes are baby clothes. I can’t wait to dress up this little girl. Ok, now, one final picture of this small room which is packed full of lots of wonderful items for our little lady. Since our house has all hardwood floors, we thought Millie’s room needed a rug; that way she’ll be more comfortable when she plays on the floor as she gets older. We found a great rug at Ikea and big brother Major loves it.

So now you’ve seen the cutest room in our house. All that’s missing is Millie.


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7 responses to “Millie’s Room (part 2)

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  1. Now I will send some stuff home with Granny Leslie next week when I see her at church. If you think they rate high enough you may place them in her room. If not sorry but I did try.
    I can hardly wait to meet this little lady. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.

    Marilyn AKA Meryl Stryker
  2. She won’t be missing for long 😀 Can’t wait to see her!

  3. I’m getting so excited for you both (and Major too) as Millie’s arrival nears. What a beautiful room she has, I love it.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the pictures! I love how it all turned out. Great work! 🙂 Love the decals—birds and dandelions. Beautiful!!

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