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Last weekend, I got to spend sometime with some fantastic ladies from my church (Echo Church in East Walnut Hills— LOVE IT) celebrating the upcoming arrival of Millie Louise. We had a great time and I wanted to share some pictures from the big day (a HUGE thanks to Kelly Carr for hosting the shower and providing me with pictures!).

A diaper cake! I thought the “M” and pink flowers on top were a nice touch. Good job, Beth Rogers!

Melissa Wuske ROCKED the cake… not only is it adorable (love the shoes as a topper) it was delicious, too.

Here I am happy-crying when Beth said that we would be playing a shower game with Jennifer Galietti. Even though Jennifer couldn’t be at the shower (Arizona is SO far away) she was still a part of the day. It was so thoughtful and I was so touched to have friends that know how important Jen is to me.

A pile ‘o gifts for Millie! Everything was so pretty, thoughtful, adorable… I can’t use enough adjectives!!!

Check out this adorable tutu (or maybe it’s just a fancy skirt— either way, LOVE IT)! Millie will look so stylish in it.

I had such a good time at the shower and was so overwhelmed by the generosity of friends. How lucky am I? (PS- Nate didn’t go to this baby shower… but I bet he would have loved it… I think he loved the family shower from a few weeks back… he seemed pretty excited about the breast pump when we opened it…)


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