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Lately it seems everyone has the same two questions for us. #1 is “How are you feeling?” This is typically directed at me (Julie) with a knowing smile that says “the-last-month-sucks, doesn’t’ it”? I’m definitely hanging in there. I (thankfully) don’t have the back pain and heartburn problems that often accompany late pregnancy, so that is great. However, I am experiencing restless sleep and (a new symptom) swollen legs and feet.  They have been so bad lately that my shoes are starting not to fit. It looks hilarious.

ah. fluid retention

But other than the swelling and lack of restful sleep, I feel ok. I definitely feel better in the morning than I do at the end of the day (aches and pains seem to multiply in the afternoon and evening hours), but it’s not too bad.

The second question we keep getting is”Are you ready for the baby??” The answer is ALMOST! We have diapers and clothes ready to go. We still need to pack our hospital bags, finalize a sitter for Major Tom, and wrap up a few odds and ends. We took care of one thing on our list tonight— Nate put the car seat base in the car. First, he read the manual that came with the car seat thoroughly.


Then, we all (Nate, Julie/Millie, and Major) headed to the garage for the installation process. It was going to be so simple (according to the directions, that is). Major was really excited to be included in this getting ready for baby activity.

But then things didn’t go so quickly. Nate pointed out that we should read the owner’s manual for the car before snapping the base into place. After reading that, everything still seemed pretty straightforward, so Nate started to strap the base into position. That turned out to be quite a bit more difficult than the instructions indicated.  Major quickly lost enthusiasm for the process.

Oh well. At least Nate powered through. The car seat base is in (we still have the second car seat base to install in our other car, but Nate promises to do that this weekend). We’re going to take the cars to the fire department next week to have them sign off on their safety/correct any mistakes made in our installation process. And, since the hospital won’t let us leave without an installed car seat, we are now (pretty much) ready for baby. Just 4 weeks and 5 days until our due date…

UPDATE FROM OUR LAST POST- We purchased a Canon Rebel DSLR camera. It should arrive sometime in the next week. Thanks to everyone for your input (we went to Best Buy and both preferred the ‘feel’ of the Canon over the Nikon). Now you can all look forward to lots of high quality baby pictures once our lil lady arrives.


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2 responses to “Almost Ready for Baby

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  1. The car seat bases are crazy! Yay on your new camera!! 😉

  2. I will be looking for all those candid pictures for sure. Also an update at gave the stuff I made for Millie to Grandma Keyse. Hope you like it. Stay off of those feet mrs..

    Marilyn AKA Meryl Stryker

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