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(Almost) Due Date   8 comments

the day before my due date

Julie here with some thoughts on the day before my due date. First of all, let me answer the question of the day: “How are you feeling?” And the answer is: Good, actually. I really expected to be miserable at the end of my pregnancy, but the miserable part came for weeks 35 and 36 and has been gone ever since. I’m sleeping well (minus the multiple trips to the bathroom that I make each evening), I still haven’t experienced the dreaded pregnancy heartburn and it seems I’ve managed to escape many of the other aches and pains that supposedly come with carrying around a 7-8 pound infant in my uterus. In fact, I was actually slightly concerned by the fact that I am feeling so good and I asked my doctor about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be feeling so good, but it scares me into thinking that I’m going to be pregnant forever (and that is not something I am interested in). My doctor quickly assured me that I will NOT be pregnant forever and encouraged me to consider myself lucky to not be among the miserable soon-to-be-moms that she is used to seeing.

But, while I’m not feeling bad, I have had a rough few days. The problem is the whole due date thing. I have had the date “April 25th” stuck in my mind as a deadline of sorts. I have known since the beginning of the pregnancy that the due date is not a guaranteed birth date and that only something like 5% of women deliver on their due date. I am well aware that first time moms often deliver past their due date. BUT, I’ve had another date in my mind for several months too— April 19th. That was the date of my big test at work (it’s done, it was hard, and I’m not sure how I did… at least it’s done) and I have been just as focused on that date as I have my due date. In my mind, as soon as the test was over, I was free to have the baby. I would have been thrilled if my water broke right after I turned in my answer sheet. Alas, it did not. And I’ve been spending way too much time in the days since the test just waiting for something to happen. (My advice to expectant moms, keep BUSY in the final days of pregnancy—- otherwise, you just end up waiting around!). I wake up every morning and, after saying a prayer of thanks for my sweet baby, I think to myself, “Now today would be a nice day for a birthday.” And then I go about my business while over-analyzing every cramp and back pain, thinking that maybe this is “it”. I have never been more excited about feeling pain in my entire life (I’m sure that won’t last once the contractions start).

So today, I’ve decided that instead of looking forward and trying to predict when Millie will make her debut, I am going to look back on the past 9 months and try to remember some of the highlights. I think I’d’ regret it if I never took the time to write this stuff down. So, here we go:

  • August 21, 2010: I took a pregnancy test to rule out the possibility of future baby Keyse. I ended up screaming for Nate while I was still in the bathroom because the line on the test changed so quickly and I really, truly wasn’t expecting it. I was about 5 weeks pregnant.
  • The week of September 12, 2010: Morning sickness started. I was sick in the morning, queasy all day, and occasionally sick in the evening too. It was miserable.
  • September 23, 2010: We got to see Lil Person via an early ultrasound at my second prenatal appointment. Nate and I immediately fell in love with the baby’s little arm buds and tiny leg buds that the technician pointed out.
  • November 15, 2010 (17 weeks pregnant): Finally, an end to morning sickness! I started feeling good just in time for the holidays and for school to be over! 
  • December 1, 2010: Nate and I were driving home from our anniversary dinner and I felt 3 distinct taps in my belly— it was the first time I knew for sure that what I was feeling was the baby moving around.
  • December 8, 2010: 20 weeks pregnant— we found out our Lil Person was a Lil Lady.
  • December 11, 2010: I bought a maternity coat. This was the best clothing purchase I made! I could not have made it through the snowy winter while trying to stuff my expanding belly into one of my regular coats. Man, I love that maternity coat!
  • January 2011- February 2011: I loved working on Millie’s nursery!
  • February 10-13, 2011: My sister Jennifer flew in from Arizona for a visit and Millie’s first baby shower. We had a great visit!
  • March 5, 2011: My wonderful friends from Echo Church gave me and Millie a wonderful baby shower. I felt so blessed!
  • March 21, 2011: 35 weeks pregnant and miserable. I was weepy, exhausted from not being able to sleep, uncomfortable, and unsure how I would possibly be able to continue the pregnancy. This feeling lasted for about 2 weeks.
  • April 4, 2011: 37 weeks pregnant and feeling (all of sudden) renewed. I CAN do this!
  • April 19, 2011: 39 weeks and 1 day. I made it to my ALU test!!!!
  • April 24, 2011: 39 weeks and 6 days. Just one day shy of my due date. Feeling: good, excited, anxious, READY.

Is anyone still reading this? Whew, I apologize for the insanely long blog post, but I’m trying to fill some time so that I’m not just sitting around waiting for labor to start. Anyway, that’s a look back on my pregnancy so far (at least how I remember it). For those of you wondering how much longer this whole thing can go on… well, I have my post-due appointment on Tuesday (if I’m still pregnant). The doctor will check my fluid level and do a non-stress test to make sure Millie is still doing ok in the womb. If she is, I will go ahead and schedule a tentative date to be induced (sometime around 1 week past the due date) and I’ll be sent home (actually, I’ll head back to work). I’ll go about my normal business unless a.) I go into labor or b.) I make it to the scheduled inducement. I am so thankful that I have been able to carry Millie to term and I’m pretty sure I can make it through another week of pregnancy. I just need to think of some things to do instead of just waiting around. Maybe I should go pack a bag for the hospital (yep, that’s still not done… It’s started… I mean, I threw a stick of deodorant in a bag… that’s counts for something, right?)


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Hold on Just a Little Longer   Leave a comment

On the one hand Julie and Nate are very anxious and excited for Mille to make her arrival. On the other hand however there are a few things to get out of the way before her debut. Julie has a test for work on Tuesday that she is able to sit for once a year. She’s tried to explicitly tell Mille she needs to hold off until after lunch on Tuesday, but we’re not sure how well she understands us yet.

And Nate? Well Nate throws his back out once or twice a year, and was apparently due this past Saturday. He would rather Millie wait until he’s done walking around hunched over like he’s searching for change all day. We figure it would be handy if at least one parent could move at a somewhat reasonable rate before we have an infant who will be crying for one thing or another for the next several months.  

Nothing more to report for now, but you will all know if anything else of note happens.

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All Our Bags Are Packed   7 comments

Actually, all of our bags are not packed. Only Millie’s bag is packed, but that’s not the title of a song, so I had to fib a bit. A few months ago a co-worker of mine (this is Julie, by the way) and his wife were getting close to the end of their pregnancy and I kept giving him a hard time about making sure their bags were packed and ready to go. Fast forward 12 weeks and guess what parents-to-be have yet to pack any personal items for the hospital?? I was “full term” as of last week (regular blog readers may recall) so, technically Millie Lou could arrive at any moment, but I just haven’t felt motivated to pack my bag yet. Millie’s bag, however, was quite fun to pack.

We started off with a fantastic bag from Stop Traffick fashion (check out the site for other great finds and help fight human trafficking while you’re at it! I packed 3 different “coming home outfit” options for Millie. One is a pink sleeper in a newborn size (in case she’s <8 pounds). Another is a white sleeper with flowers on it in a 0-3 month size (in case she’s > 8 pounds). The final option is a gender-neutral duck sleeper—- just in case the sonogram was WAY off and we end of bringing home Milhouse instead of Millie (if we do end up having a boy, we are NOT naming him Milhouse, no matter what Nate says). We also have an extra receiving blanket thrown in there. We’ll be sure to wrap Millie up in it, then Nate will take it home to let Major sniff it and get acquainted with the baby smell before his new sister shows up. And of course, we have diapers, wipes, and all the other ‘necessities’ ready to go.

I figure Nate and I will have time to pack sometime before we head to the hospital. I’ve heard the whole labor process can be quite lengthy, so we’ll just grab a few items and throw them in a bag when the contractions start coming regularly. My doctor would like us to wait until the contractions are 3 minutes apart before heading over to Good Sam, so there will be time to pack, I’m sure of it. In other updates from my doctor, things are progressing well. She is hopeful that I will not need to be induced, but if I am still pregnant for my 40-week appointment, we will schedule an induction for right around 1 week past my due date. So, basically, we will have a baby in about 3 weeks or less. We are so stinkin’ excited. Can’t wait to share her arrival with all of you!

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It’s the Final Countdown   10 comments

Well, it’s almost the final countdown. That’s right, as of Monday April 4th, Millie will officially be considered “full term” which means— she could come ANY day. Whoo hoo! Back at the end of August, when we first learned that we were expecting, I thought that April sounded like it was a world away. I can’t believe the calendar finally turned over to Millie’s due-date month. Now, I know what some of you are thinking— there’s no guarantee that Millie will be born in April. She could easily be late and arrive in May. Well, keep your thoughts to yourselves, please. Just let me enjoy the thought that this pregnancy is nearly over! I must say, I have had about enough of the whole pregnancy thing. Along with the aches and pains that I was expecting to experience during the last few weeks, I have been weepy, stressed out, exhausted, and overwhelmed to the point where I am (almost) miserable. I don’t feel like myself (my normal self is logical, rational… this “new” self is emotional and erratic). I am ready to be done with being pregnant and more than ready to meet the little girl who has taken up residence in my uterus for the past several months. BUT, I am determined to try to think positively during the final weeks of the pregnancy. Yesterday, I as I was walking from my parking lot (at Sawyer Point) to work (at 4th and Broadway… yeah, it’s quite a trek for a pregnant lady!) I decided to distract myself from my natural inclination to focus on being uncomfortable by making  a list of the things I will miss about being pregnant. There are a few…

  1. I will miss strangers being nice to me. Not every stranger I pass is nice (like the one who said”Whoa! Any day now, huh?” when I was only 30 weeks pregnant)  but I have enjoyed my fair share of smiles and congratulations. After Millie is born, I’m sure I’ll just go back to being ignored by passing strangers, so I’m going to eat up those smiles and well wishes for the time being.
  2. I will miss the stretchy waist bands that accompany maternity pants. Ah, I love a stretchy waistband! In fact, I kind of dread the idea of having to button my pants again. I will definitely miss the dress-for-comfort part of pregnancy (not like I was a slave to fashion pre-pregnancy, but I did deal with infinitely more zippers, buttons and snaps back in the day…)
  3. I will miss  Nate talking to my belly. This one is kind of weird, but stick with me. There is something so amazingly cute about watching him lean over to tell fetus-Millie something (usually it’s “I love you, Mils” or “Be nice to your Mommy, Baby”). I love it every time he does it! I’m sure I’ll find it cute when he leans over to tell infant-Millie something, but it won’t be the same as watching him “connect” with her now. I will absolutely miss that.
  4. I will miss eating for 2. Maybe I’ll keep doing that one.
  5. I will miss Millie being all mine. For these past months, I have been able to carry her and never once had to pass her off to someone else. I was the lucky one who got to feel her first kick and I have been the one to “get to know her”— I know her active times, her sleepy times. I know that she responds just as strongly to ice water as she does a sugar rush (she likes doughnuts, by the way). There is something unbelievably special about carrying a developing baby. She has truly felt like “mine”. I know that, first of all, that’s just an illusion. She is not mine— she belongs to God. And after she’s born, I would be stupid to think that she’s mine— she will be a gift from God, someone who He has trusted Nate and I to raise. We are not raising her to be “ours”— we want to raise her to be His. That being said, she feels like mine now. And I know that feeling will disappear with the sound of her first cry. I will miss it.  

So there you have it. 5 things that I will miss about being pregnant. That’s honestly all I can think of right now. It would be much easier to make a list of things I won’t miss (I could come up with WAY more than 5), but I’m trying to keep my spirits up. Feel free to help me  with this— encouraging words and prayers are much appreciated. It’s (almost) the final countdown, people!


Enter Nate: Five things I’ll miss about Julie being pregnant.

  1. Sleeping better than Julie. Nonpregnant Julie sleeps like a rock. She lays down and is asleep within minutes (sometimes seconds). Nate on the other hand lies awake for a long time thinking about all sorts of things. Now, I know when Millie arrives neither of us will sleep, but sooner or later Julie will fall right back into her role of queen of sleeping. and Nate will lie awake and watch her jealously.
  2. Feeling Millie’s baby kicks. Creepiest miracle ever.
  3. Imagining Millie to be perfect. Right now I can imagine Millie as anything. She’s going to be a good baby, and a cool kid, and grow up to be something awesome. When she comes out and she is living in our house, undeniably loud and smelly, and eventually obnoxious (Millie from age 4-10) I will be forced to face reality.
  4. Sympathy eating. I’m a really good husband. When Julie says “Nate, I’m in the mood for a hot fudge cake…” I’ve already got my coat and car keys and am heading out the door. I get myself a hot fudge cake too so Julie won’t feel self conscious and when her eyes are bigger than her stomach I can finish up to keep her from feeling wasteful.

Okay, I can only come up with four. I’m way too excited to meet her. Julie is hogging her right now.

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