All Our Bags Are Packed   7 comments

Actually, all of our bags are not packed. Only Millie’s bag is packed, but that’s not the title of a song, so I had to fib a bit. A few months ago a co-worker of mine (this is Julie, by the way) and his wife were getting close to the end of their pregnancy and I kept giving him a hard time about making sure their bags were packed and ready to go. Fast forward 12 weeks and guess what parents-to-be have yet to pack any personal items for the hospital?? I was “full term” as of last week (regular blog readers may recall) so, technically Millie Lou could arrive at any moment, but I just haven’t felt motivated to pack my bag yet. Millie’s bag, however, was quite fun to pack.

We started off with a fantastic bag from Stop Traffick fashion (check out the site for other great finds and help fight human trafficking while you’re at it! I packed 3 different “coming home outfit” options for Millie. One is a pink sleeper in a newborn size (in case she’s <8 pounds). Another is a white sleeper with flowers on it in a 0-3 month size (in case she’s > 8 pounds). The final option is a gender-neutral duck sleeper—- just in case the sonogram was WAY off and we end of bringing home Milhouse instead of Millie (if we do end up having a boy, we are NOT naming him Milhouse, no matter what Nate says). We also have an extra receiving blanket thrown in there. We’ll be sure to wrap Millie up in it, then Nate will take it home to let Major sniff it and get acquainted with the baby smell before his new sister shows up. And of course, we have diapers, wipes, and all the other ‘necessities’ ready to go.

I figure Nate and I will have time to pack sometime before we head to the hospital. I’ve heard the whole labor process can be quite lengthy, so we’ll just grab a few items and throw them in a bag when the contractions start coming regularly. My doctor would like us to wait until the contractions are 3 minutes apart before heading over to Good Sam, so there will be time to pack, I’m sure of it. In other updates from my doctor, things are progressing well. She is hopeful that I will not need to be induced, but if I am still pregnant for my 40-week appointment, we will schedule an induction for right around 1 week past my due date. So, basically, we will have a baby in about 3 weeks or less. We are so stinkin’ excited. Can’t wait to share her arrival with all of you!


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7 responses to “All Our Bags Are Packed

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  1. Get that baby here ASAP!

  2. We’re pretty stinkin’ excited too. Can’t wait to hold the little angel!

  3. Just some advice. No need to pack diapers and wipes the hospital will suply those. You can even put some in your bag for the ride home.

    Marilyn AKA Meryl Stryker
  4. Yay! It’s getting so close!

  5. So excited for you. Yippee Baby Millie, we can’t wait to love you too.

  6. So excited!!!! 😀

  7. In a reply to a previous comment, there is definately no need to take diapers and wipes with you. The hospital has some and the then we made sure to take all the extra ones home with us.

    Second, we never packed our bags and both of our “bundles of joy” were two weeks late… Maybe you should pack your bags so that doesn’t happen to you.

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