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1 Month Old   4 comments

1 day old

1 month old

 Millie is one month old! She has grown so much over the past month (check out the pictures above!) and we are getting to know and love her sweet personality more each day. Today was her 1 month check up with the pediatrician. Here are her stats:

  • Weight- 9 lbs 4 oz (her weight is average— I can’t wait for her to fill out and get some rolls)
  • Head circumference- 14 and 1/8 inches (25th percentile— such a small head)
  • Length- 21 and 3/8 inches (75th percentile— long and skinny)

Millie is eating every 3 hours during the day and she will go 4 (today she actually went 5!)  hours between her middle of the night feeding and her first morning feeding. She goes right to sleep after her middle of the night feeding, which makes Mom and Dad very happy! She has taken a bottle a few times and done really well with it (Millie is overall a GREAT eater— she makes the cutest squeaking noises when she eats!). She smiles a lot and has recently started sticking out her tongue and making new mouth movements. Millie still loves to have her hair washed and she loves being outside (even in the 90-degree heat!).  She likes going on walks (either in her Moby wrap or in her stroller) and she likes being in her pack-n-play. She doesn’t cry very much but she does have a fussy time in the evening, usually between 9 and 11 pm. She is usually just fighting sleep at this time and boy does she fight hard! Millie has outgrown some of her newborn clothes but 0-3 months is still a bit big on her. She is also in-between sizes in diapers— newborn is just a bit too small and size 1 is just a bit big. She is wearing size 1 diapers, mainly because that’s what we have on hand. She is a wonderful, charming baby and we are thrilled to have her in our family.




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Bath Time   9 comments

Can you believe that Millie is 18 days old? On one hand, I feel like she was just born. But on the other, it feels like she has always been a part of the family— she just fits right in! Life is still a bit hectic for the 3 of us as we work to get Millie on a schedule (some days she’ll go 3 hours between feedings, sometimes she wants to eat every 1.5 hours) but it’s going well. Millie is so sweet and she is growing more and more each day. She is having (a little bit) more “waketime” between feedings. She is focusing more and more on faces when we talk to her and it seems her neck control is improving too! Also, one of the cutest things we have noticed is how much she likes to have her hair washed. We haven’t given Millie a “big girl bath” yet (you know, when you actually put her in the tub) because she is so little that she doesn’t quite fit into her whale bathtub) so we do sponge baths. We wash her legs first and work our way up, covering her with a towel as we go so that she doesn’t get too cold. Apparently we don’t do a good enough job with this because she will usually fuss throughout the bath process. That is, until it comes time to wash her hair. The girl LOVES this part. As soon as we wet her luscious locks, she is in heaven. She loves having her hair lathered up and sighs with contentment when we rinse the shampoo out. It is the cutest thing! She’s also just so adorable when she’s all wrapped up in her hooded towel after the bath. It’s one of my favorite times to cuddle with her. It just doesn’t get any sweeter.

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1 Week Old   1 comment

1 week old already!

Millie Louise is already 1 week old! Here are some highlights from her first week…

  • Millie weighs 7 lbs 8 oz (that’s 4 oz above her birth weight!)
  • Millie is a great eater (she eats every 2-3 hours)
  • Millie is a great pooper (Is that too much information? Oh well— we are going through the diapers)
  • Millie’s nicknames: Millie Lou, Mills… Julie also calls her Piglet (see bullet #2) and Wiggle Worm. Nate calls her General Mills (so we have Major Tom and General Mills), Girly Girl and Millie Girl
  • Millie hates getting bath but she does love to have her hair washed
  • Millie has had a chance to meet some family and friends and she is looking forward to meeting everyone soon (Nate and I appreciate your patience with this— we’re pretty exhausted right now, so please bear with us as we try to juggle visits in between feeding, changing and napping.)

Ok, so there you have it, some highlights from Millie’s first week. Nate and I are loving every moment with our girl (well, maybe we don’t love the sleepless nights, but still, she’s worth every minute of lost sleep!). Boy, life sure has changed in just 1 week.

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Millie Louise Keyse   11 comments

SHE’S HERE!! That’s right, Millie Louise Keyse made her way into the world at 4:51 pm on Friday, April 29 (apparently she didn’t want William and Kate to be the only “news” that day). For those of you who are interested, here are some of the details of the day (I promise not to get too graphic, but for those of you who don’t want any birth talk, you may just want to skip over to our Facebook pages and just check out the pictures).

Our due date was Monday, April 25. My post-due appointment was on Tuesday, and after being assured that Millie was still doing fine in the womb, I was given “permission” to stay pregnant for a little while longer. My doctor tentatively scheduled an induction for May 2 in case Millie needed some help getting here, but she and I were both hopeful that I would go into labor on my own. Then Wednesday came and went. Then Thursday. I’d had a subtle back ache all day Thursday, so I was hopeful that meant labor would soon start.

Friday morning, I woke up in the 5am hour with a pain in my abdomen. About 20 minutes later, I felt it again. I got out of bed and dressed for work before mentioning anything to Nate. He said “Maybe you shouldn’t go into work today.” I said “Nate, these things take HOURS. Plus, I’m not even 100% that I’m in labor. I’m going, I’m fine.” Nate said “Well, at least let me pack the bag.” Me- “Oh, Nate. We’ll have time to do that later.”And off I went to work. I had a few contractions (every 15 minutes) and decided that after an hour, I should probably go to my doctor (I already had an appointment scheduled for that morning). I started driving to to the doctor, realized that I shouldn’t be driving, and met Nate at CCU so he could drive the rest of the way. We timed my contractions on the ride and when Nate said “Julie, they’re like 8 minutes apart”, I said “No, that can’t be right.” It was.

We walked into the doctor’s office and I said “Hi, I have an appointment, but I’m in labor.” Since I was there, the doctor had me do a non-stress test and exam. He said the baby was fine but that I wasn’t really in labor. WHAT?! By this point, the pains were every 5-7 minutes and getting stronger. Doc said we should just play the waiting game and see if this turned into anything. I must have given him a look, because he said, “Well, if you’re really that uncomfortable, go on to the hospital.”

FIRST, we ran home to pack our bag (I really should have done that earlier). I was having strong pains and was starting to think “I’m not going to be able to do this!” We arrived at the hospital around 10:30 and went to Triage where they put a monitor on me to track the contractions. Guess what. They couldn’t pick them up. None. I said “Ok, so if these aren’t contractions, what are they?” The nurse said “I don’t know. Your doctor is on the way, though.” We waiting for what seemed like forever before the doctor showed up. He checked me again and I had slightly progressed from my earlier appointment (I was at about 2-3 cm). My water broke at that point, so they went ahead and admitted us. We made it up to the Labor and Delivery floor by about 12:30 and I was trying to breathe through the contractions that were now 2 minutes apart (I wish we would have taken a labor class after all— I was not prepared for dealing with the pain! The nurses gave me some tips, and they swear I was handling it like I was planning to go natural, but whew— that was tough!). I asked for an epidural, but was told that my doctor wanted me to wait until I was 4 cm (everyone was thinking that I was still about 2-3 cm). The nurse checked me though since I was not getting much of a break between contractions (contractions that STILL weren’t showing up on the monitor) and I was already 7-8 (yep, THAT quickly) so the epidural was okayed. Once I got the epidural (around 1:30 or 2:00), I was MUCH more comfortable. I was slightly worried that the labor would slow down, but about 2 hours later, it was time to push. Nate was awesome during all of this. He was quiet and supportive when I was in pain, fun and excited post-epidural and encouraging whenit was time to push. 40 minutes later, Millie arrived: 7 pounds 4 ounces/ 20 inches long/ lots of dark hair. From start to finish, my labor was less than 12 hours— pretty quick for a first baby! My nurse said that I was a pro. I assured her that I was NOT looking to give birth professionally.

Millie was a popular baby during her stay at Good Samaritan. The nurses loved her name and everyone commented on her pretty head of hair. Nate and I, of course, were smitten with her from the start and we’re enjoying these first few days with our girl. Our first night at home was just as sleepless as we thought it would be. At about 2 am I thought, ‘Well, I guess I’m really a mom now.” But, despite the lack of sleep, I am loving it.

Millie and her Daddy

Ready to go home!

There are lots more pictures on our Facebook pages (with plenty more to come!) so feel free to check it out. Also, more updates to come soon— after feeding, changing, bathing, napping, ect… 🙂 Stay tuned! (PS- we’re trying to think of a new name for the blog since have gone from expecting to proud parents… any ideas?)

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