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1 week old already!

Millie Louise is already 1 week old! Here are some highlights from her first week…

  • Millie weighs 7 lbs 8 oz (that’s 4 oz above her birth weight!)
  • Millie is a great eater (she eats every 2-3 hours)
  • Millie is a great pooper (Is that too much information? Oh well— we are going through the diapers)
  • Millie’s nicknames: Millie Lou, Mills… Julie also calls her Piglet (see bullet #2) and Wiggle Worm. Nate calls her General Mills (so we have Major Tom and General Mills), Girly Girl and Millie Girl
  • Millie hates getting bath but she does love to have her hair washed
  • Millie has had a chance to meet some family and friends and she is looking forward to meeting everyone soon (Nate and I appreciate your patience with this— we’re pretty exhausted right now, so please bear with us as we try to juggle visits in between feeding, changing and napping.)

Ok, so there you have it, some highlights from Millie’s first week. Nate and I are loving every moment with our girl (well, maybe we don’t love the sleepless nights, but still, she’s worth every minute of lost sleep!). Boy, life sure has changed in just 1 week.


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  1. Great job, you guys! And I definitely understand delaying visitors. It really can be difficult to juggle it all. I can’t believe she’s a week old already. She’s such a doll baby!

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