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Can you believe that Millie is 18 days old? On one hand, I feel like she was just born. But on the other, it feels like she has always been a part of the family— she just fits right in! Life is still a bit hectic for the 3 of us as we work to get Millie on a schedule (some days she’ll go 3 hours between feedings, sometimes she wants to eat every 1.5 hours) but it’s going well. Millie is so sweet and she is growing more and more each day. She is having (a little bit) more “waketime” between feedings. She is focusing more and more on faces when we talk to her and it seems her neck control is improving too! Also, one of the cutest things we have noticed is how much she likes to have her hair washed. We haven’t given Millie a “big girl bath” yet (you know, when you actually put her in the tub) because she is so little that she doesn’t quite fit into her whale bathtub) so we do sponge baths. We wash her legs first and work our way up, covering her with a towel as we go so that she doesn’t get too cold. Apparently we don’t do a good enough job with this because she will usually fuss throughout the bath process. That is, until it comes time to wash her hair. The girl LOVES this part. As soon as we wet her luscious locks, she is in heaven. She loves having her hair lathered up and sighs with contentment when we rinse the shampoo out. It is the cutest thing! She’s also just so adorable when she’s all wrapped up in her hooded towel after the bath. It’s one of my favorite times to cuddle with her. It just doesn’t get any sweeter.


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  1. How sweet!!!!

  2. Do you have anyone asking yet if you’re having another? LOL People would ask us if we were having more right after we had Molly. It’s like well, let us test drive this one first!

    • No one has asked if we’re having another, but people are assuming that we are and have already started suggesting names for #2! I keep saying “no more babies for a while!”. I want to get Millie out of diapers before we give her a sibling. Plus, how do I know we’ll get another wonderful baby? What if #2 is a monster??

  3. LOL. If we have another it will be adopted. We made sure we are having no more babies.

    I think Millie looks so much like you! 🙂

    • I do like the idea of adopting. Obviously, I was blessed to have a brother who was adopted and I love it! I’d love for Millie (and Nate and myself) to experience that.

  4. I would definitely encourage you to go for another when you are ready. I may feel like I am losing my mind right now, but there are times when they smile and laugh at each other that I feel like I could just burst.

    • The pictures you posted of them playing together did melt my heart, I must admit. I am just not sure I could handle two little ones at once! Who knows— maybe I’ll get the baby bug again sooner rather than later. For now, I am just going to enjoy this sweet little girl!

  5. That is so adorable! She’s a spa girl! 🙂 She’s figuring out the best in life already.

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