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1 day old

1 month old

 Millie is one month old! She has grown so much over the past month (check out the pictures above!) and we are getting to know and love her sweet personality more each day. Today was her 1 month check up with the pediatrician. Here are her stats:

  • Weight- 9 lbs 4 oz (her weight is average— I can’t wait for her to fill out and get some rolls)
  • Head circumference- 14 and 1/8 inches (25th percentile— such a small head)
  • Length- 21 and 3/8 inches (75th percentile— long and skinny)

Millie is eating every 3 hours during the day and she will go 4 (today she actually went 5!)  hours between her middle of the night feeding and her first morning feeding. She goes right to sleep after her middle of the night feeding, which makes Mom and Dad very happy! She has taken a bottle a few times and done really well with it (Millie is overall a GREAT eater— she makes the cutest squeaking noises when she eats!). She smiles a lot and has recently started sticking out her tongue and making new mouth movements. Millie still loves to have her hair washed and she loves being outside (even in the 90-degree heat!).  She likes going on walks (either in her Moby wrap or in her stroller) and she likes being in her pack-n-play. She doesn’t cry very much but she does have a fussy time in the evening, usually between 9 and 11 pm. She is usually just fighting sleep at this time and boy does she fight hard! Millie has outgrown some of her newborn clothes but 0-3 months is still a bit big on her. She is also in-between sizes in diapers— newborn is just a bit too small and size 1 is just a bit big. She is wearing size 1 diapers, mainly because that’s what we have on hand. She is a wonderful, charming baby and we are thrilled to have her in our family.




Posted May 31, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Medical, Millie

4 responses to “1 Month Old

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  1. One month flies by! She gets cuter everyday. I love that she’s showing signs of being out-doorsy. What’s next? A penchant for athletics?!?!?!?!

    • What will we do if she turns out to be athletic?! I guess Uncle Tony will have to coach us on how to handle that… PS— she smiled her first “social” smile today (June 1st). It was first thing this morning when I was getting her up; she smiled in response to me saying “Good morning, Pretty.”

  2. WRITE THAT IN HER BABY BOOK! Too precious.

  3. I really can see how she’s grown now looking at the pictures. She is still so small and cuddly to hold! 🙂 What a wonderful first month for the Keyse fam!

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