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Millie is now more than 5 weeks old and is doing great. She is more alert, staying awake for (slightly) longer periods during the day, and going 5 hours between feedings overnight (yeah!). Since she is doing so well, we decided that it was time to move her from the bassinet in our room to her own crib. In order to do this, I needed to “clean out” the crib. It had become a landing zone for the many stuffed animals that Millie Lou has accumulated during her 5 weeks of life, and, even though she is not moving around now, I wanted to make sure the crib was toy-free well before she becomes mobile. That means we needed toy storage in her room. Oddly enough, this is not something that I planned for when I decorated her nursery. I found the perfect solution at Target and, thanks to a generous gift card from Carl and Kathy Galietti (a thank-you note is coming your way!), Millie now has a place for her stuffed animals and all of her other toys too!

I think the toy bins will be GREAT for our growing girl. I envision her emptying one bin at a time, playing with the toys and then putting everything back in the bin before moving on to other toys (wishful thinking? I hope not!). Anyway, don’t her toys look so cute on display? I love that she will be able to see all of her toy options in the bins as opposed to searching through a toy box for a something that is all the way at the bottom. Hopefully Millie will be dorky like me and get excited about home organization…


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  1. Sydney has the same one! The funny part is it took us almost 8 years to figure out that we needed one. Great job on being on top of it.

  2. That’s great to know! If we’re still using it when the General is 8, this thing will have paid for itself many times over!

  3. So this post greatly amused your brother and me. It takes on average twenty minutes, basically enough time for me to drink my coffee and grab a shower, for Gracie and John to destroy both her room and the living room.

    As an aside, I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We totally need one for Grace, that is one of her favorite books.

  4. It looks really cute! Good find!

  5. Super cute!

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