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This past weekend, we packed up and headed to Millie’s grandparents’ house in Sharpsville, IN. Millie did great on the 3 hour car ride. She slept for the first 2 hours, then woke up (hungry), but fell back asleep after some coaxing from her dad. She got to meet her Great Aunt Valerie and second cousin Gwen as well as lots of wonderful family friends when Mark and Leslie hosted a meet and greet on Saturday afternoon. We had a great time showing off our 6 week old baby girl and Millie was a trooper through the whole thing, even though she did not get her regular naps that day. We had such a great time that we neglected to take any pictures from the day (we’re horrible, I know). It was supposed to be a meet and greet (no gifts) but it ended up being a bit more like a baby shower (gifts galore!). We appreciate how thoughtful and generous everyone was and I know little girls are just so fun to shop for, so I can’t blame people for picking up cute clothes and toys for Millie. We have been so lucky to be the recipients of many wonderful gifts. One of our closest friends even thought to give us an adorable, toddler-sized red chair.

When I was growing up, my mom did child care in our home. There was a designated chair that we referred to as the “bad boy” chair (no matter if it was to facilitate timeout for a boy or girl, we always called it a bad boy chair). I have always envisioned a little red ‘bad boy’ chair of my own. Geeky, I know, but now Millie has her very own bad boy chair. We won’t be using it for quite a while, but it’s ready (already set up in the corner of the kitchen) for whenever toddler Millie decides to misbehave. How thoughtful are the people in our lives?? When our friend heard about my desire for a red time-out chair, he quickly gave us the one pictured above. And so many others have offered gifts just because. So, to everyone that has been thoughtful enough to offer a gift to welcome Millie into our family, THANK YOU. You have made us feel so blessed. When Millie was born healthy, we felt like we knew we had been given the best gift of all. However, it has been so nice to have clothes in her closet, a stash of diapers and wipes available for changes, along with everything else that Millie needs and so many other items that just make life with an infant more convenient. THANK YOU all for loving Millie (and her parents and grandparents!), for holding her at church, for your kind words and genuine excitement when seeing her, and, most of all, THANK YOU for the gift of your continued prayers as we raise this wonderful little girl.


Posted June 14, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Millie

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