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When I was a baby, my mom had to wake me up to feed me. I loved to sleep (I still do!). Apparently, Millie is going to take after me in this regard. She is a great sleeper. She sleeps 6-8 hours at night (she slept 9 hours this past Saturday). She also takes naps throughout the day. I put her in her crib while she is still awake and she typically fusses for a few minutes before falling right to sleep. The only time she has trouble putting herself to sleep is in the late evening hours. During this time, she is fussy and neither Nate nor I can comfort her, so I will sometimes let her fall asleep in her swing. I know, I shouldn’t use a sleep prop but, since she goes to sleep on her own for every other nap, I figure it’s ok to use the swing during these fussy times.

Tonight, Millie was fussing and just couldn’t fall asleep on her own when I put her down at 8, so I moved the swing into her room and told her that she should sit and the swing and just take some time to rest (we like to talk to her like she’s 7 years old, not 7 weeks old). Usually, she will fall asleep in the swing within about 5 minutes and I can then move her to her crib. I checked on her after a few minutes in the swing, but she hadn’t fallen asleep yet. I went back a few minutes after that and still the kid wasn’t asleep. In fact, she appeared WIDE awake. Typically, Millie can’t stay awake for more than an hour at a time, but tonight was a different story. I opened her door just a crack and took a picture of her awake in the swing because I thought she looked so sweet sitting there.

She didn’t notice me opening the door and paid no attention to me, the camera or the flash. She was just enjoying her time in the swing. She is such a sweet, happy baby. She did eventually fall asleep and now all I can think about is how much I’m looking forward to holding her when she wakes up. I LOVE this kid.


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4 responses to “Fussy Time

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  1. You’re one lucky mama to have such a good sleeper this early. Molly has always been a good sleeper too (unless she is sick or teething) so I have been lucky too, I suppose. I love reading your blog 🙂

    • I know— I count my lucky stars!! The whole sleeping thing was the thing I was most nervous about before she was born so I am relieved that she’s so good! The first few weeks were a different story, but I think we’ve figured out a schedule that works for all of us.

  2. Yes, you are lucky. Grace was and still is a great sleeper. John is not. He is getting better but he is still not there. In fact as I type this I can hear him fussing in the other room.

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