A Special Visit, a Millie-Update and The Bathroom Project   Leave a comment

Wondering what’s been going on in the lives of the Keyse family? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a quick update:

Jen and Tony came to visit!!! We love when they are in town. Nate and I always enjoy spending time with them (can someone please remind me why we don’t live next door to one another??) and now that Millie is here, visits seem even more special. Tony and Jen are so fun to be around and we had a wonderful time together.  This was Jen’s second time seeing Millie and Tony’s first time meeting his niece. Millie (and her parents) loved having them here.

Uncle Tony and Millie

Aunt Sister (Millie's special name for Jen) and Millie

 Millie is now 2 months old! I can hardly believe it. The past two months have been wonderful. Millie is such a sweet, charming baby. Here is her 2 month update:

  • Millie is 10 lbs 9 oz, 23 inches long with a head circumference of 14 & 3/4 inches—- all of the measurements are right about the 50th percentile
  • Our pediatrician thinks Millie’s beautiful blue eyes are here to stay (quite a surprise since my eyes are brown and Nate’s are hazel, but we think her blue eyes are perfect and suit her well)
  • Millie is sleeping through the night (she has since 5 weeks old!) and usually sleeps 8-9 consecutive hours in her own crib.
  • Millie is soft-spoken (so far). Her coos are barely louder than a whisper (in other words, she is not taking after Mom in this regard)
  • Millie LOVES to hang out in her pack-n-play and look at the toy giraffes on her toy bar. This is one of her favorite activities!

    2 months old on June 29th!

So far, Millie has been a such a sweet and easy baby. We love having her as part of the family. I overheard Jennifer tell her that “Jesus made you so sweet for your Mommy” and I am so thankful that He did! I have a few more weeks left of maternity leave and am excited that I get to enjoy the rest of this time off with such a good girl.

In other news, The Bathroom Project (yes, I am capitalizing the title to emphasize the scope of this thing) is going well. Nate and I know there’s no going back now. Phase 1 is complete— all of the old pink tiles are gone! We are working on Phase 2 (removing the old vanity and medicine cabinet, preparing the walls for new tile and paint) this weekend and we hope to begin Phase 3 (install new tiling) as early as Monday (we’ll celebrate the 4th of July with some shiny new subway tiles instead of fireworks). Then all we’ll have left to do is grout and seal the tiles, paint the walls, install the new pedestal sink/ mirror/ cabinet… ok, I guess I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s a lot left to do, but we’re on our way! Nate and I are enjoying the project so far. We’re sure that after tackling this, we’ll feel more confident in taking on ANY future home improvement projects.

the first tile we removed!

Phase 1 has been completed!

The rest of the summer is quite busy for our family. We are looking forward to the continuation and eventual completion of The Bathroom Project, a quick trip to Las Vegas where Millie will get to meet her Great-Great Grandmother (that’s right, 2 greats!), and I go back to work (sniff, sniff). We’ll keep you updated about all these exciting events as they unfold. But for now, allow me to leave you with one last oh-so-adorable picture of Baby Millie (I know she’s the one you really want to hear about!)…


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