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How did we spend the 4th of July holiday weekend? With food, family and several trips to Home Depot! It all started on Saturday. Nate’s parents Mark and Leslie travelled to Cincinnati to help us work on The Bathroom Project and to spend time with Millie (one of those activities was significantly more fun than the other). 

I’d rather hang out with her than work on a bathroom!

Nate had pretty much cleared out the bathroom of the old fixtures by the time his parents arrived. They arrived and assisted Nate in removing the old sink and vanity (the last of the “old” items).

after the sink was removed

 After we made a shopping list, Nate, Mark and I headed out to Home Depot. There, we picked out our pedestal sink, a new bath faucet, a matching faucet for the pedestal sink, a new bathroom mirror, white subway tiles, backerboard, and additional other supplies we would need for The Project. Back at home, we enjoyed a visit from the Louisville Perkinses (Chris, Melissa and two of the cutest kids in the world).  Together we played with the kids, had lunch and got to catch up. It was great seeing them! Once they left, it was back to work. The goal for the weekend was to prepare the walls for painting and tiling. Backerboard was measured, cut, and put up. Holes were patched. Men were sweating (did I mention the guys were doing the cutting outside in the nearly 90 degree weather?).

hard workers!!

After a lot of work, we nearly met our goal. The one big snag along the way had to do with the “old” bath fixtures. We were hoping it would be easy to upgrade to the shiny new fixtures we  picked up at Home Depot, but, alas, our old house is fighting to keep the old ones. So, we have to call a plumber this week to have the bath faucet upgraded professionally. And, while we wait for the professional, we have to wait to put up the backerboard along that part of the tub wall. 

almost all of the backerboard is up!

No biggie. We’ll get there. And once that’s done, we can tile. Then all we’ll have left to do is grout and seal the wall tiles, paint (we picked out a great light blue shade), put down new floor tiles (they’re gray with blue flecks that will look great with the paint color), grout and seal the floor tiles, install the sink, hang the mirror and wall cabinet… and several other things. We’re trending to be a bit behind schedule (maybe we’ll be able to catch back up) and a bit over budget (I doubt we’ll be able to cut costs as we move forward). Oh well— I’d rather go slow and do things right and spend a bit more and make this room something we love. It’s the smallest room in the house, but it sure is a big project. Can’t wait to get it finished!!


Posted July 4, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Home Improvement

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