I Was Wrong   6 comments

I was wrong. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I can admit it. Like when I thought that a crib mobile was just a waste of money— WRONG.

Millie is 10 weeks old today and her new favorite activity is to stare at her toys. Her current favorite is one we call “Chirp Bird”.

Chirp Bird was a gift from my mom and Millie LOVES it. She smiles when we bring it into her line of sight and, when we squeeze it, she laughs at the adorable chirping noise that it makes. This toy can be clipped onto the handle of her car seat, but I decided to clip it onto the rail of her crib when I put her in her crib while sorting her laundry. It was a hit! I left the toy in her crib and last night Millie  was cooing and laughing and “talking” to Chirp Bird for almost an hour! It was adorable. Nate even took video of it (I told him we had to record this so I could watch it one day when I’m old and she’s grown and I’m missing my baby). It was then that I realized that crib mobiles are not decoration; they actually do serve a purpose. Whoops. In all my cynicism, I had assumed that mobiles were just another way for Babies R Us and BuyBuyBaby to get my money and decided early on that I didn’t want one in her nursery (that’s right, I wasn’t going to let those money-hungry baby store associates talk me into spending money on useless items!). Alas, it turns out babies love to look at bright colors and listen to the gentle chime of a music box (who knew?). So, I decided to pick one up for my favorite 10 week old and, after attaching the mobile to the crib, Millie tried it out.

Millie is one happy camper! Her smile is well worth the $22 I spent on the mobile (I was going to make one myself, but this one was inexpensive enough for me to buy guilt-free) PLUS the mobile goes perfectly with the butterfly crib sheet that Mammaw gave us.

 Millie is what I like to call an independent baby, meaning she doesn’t like to be held ALL the time. In fact, if I hold her “too much” she starts to fuss and squirm until I put her down. She likes to look all around while sitting in her swing, bouncy seat or pack ‘n play. Now I have another place for her to safely play (where the dog can’t annoy her— Major loves to lick and sniff her) when she’s tired of being held.

So, there you have it. I was wrong in assuming the worthlessness of the crib mobile. It’s a good thing Millie is quick to forgive.


Posted July 8, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Julie, Millie

6 responses to “I Was Wrong

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  1. Tha Lady Bird is hilarious! Glad she likes her new mobile!


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