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Millie Louise is a GREAT traveller! How do I know? Because we spent the past few days in Las Vegas, Nevada! We were not there just for the sunshine (there was plenty of that!) or the slot machines (I have never seen so many in my life!). We were there to visit Millie’s Great Great Grandmother.

 Marceda Keyse is my father-in-law’s grandmother, and, at the age of 102, she was very excited to meet her first Great Great Granddaughter. So, we (Nate, Millie, and myself) joined Nate’s parents, sister and brother-in-law for a long weekend in Sin City. I was VERY nervous about how Millie would do on the plane. Judging by the looks we got while boarding our 9 pm flight from Cincinnati to Vegas, the other passengers were worried about how she would do, too. No need to worry, though! Millie did great. She fussed for a few minutes at the very beginning of the flight (you could barely hear her over the sound of the engine) and then, about 20 minutes into the flight, she fell fast asleep. She slept well in the hotel, too, and quickly adjusted to the 3 hour time difference. I think Millie really enjoyed visiting with her grandparents, aunt, and uncle. And she had a great time meeting her Great Aunt Karen, Great Uncle Paul, Cousin Michael and— OF COURSE— her Great Great Grandmother. Here’s a quick summary of our trip:

  • Wednesday— We arrived in Vegas around 10 pm. Paul and Karen met us at the airport and Karen took Nate, Millie and myself to the hotel so we could get Millie into a crib as quickly as possible.


  • Thursday— Nate, Millie and I sat by the pool for an hour in the morning. Then, we went to visit Great Great Grandma! Later, we had a fantastic dinner with Paul, Karen, and Michael (I’m pretty sure Michael thinks I only eat meat and cheese, but that’s ok).

    (these are Ross' legs--- not mine)


  • Friday— After breakfast at the buffet, we went to Red Rock park to see the gorgeous mountains. Back at the hotel, Millie got to spend some quality time with her grandparents while her parents, aunt and uncle spent some time by the pool. We got In N Out Burger for lunch before heading over to visit with Great Great Grandma again. Later, we went to Paul and Karen’s beautiful house for more pool time and tacos!



  • Saturday— Our last day in Vegas. While Sarah, Ross and Michael went on a hike, Nate, Millie, Mark, Leslie and myself met Karen for breakfast at Mary’s Hash House. Back at the hotel, we enjoyed more pool time while Millie enjoyed more grandparent time. We ate Ben & Jerry’s for lunch (yes, it is acceptable to eat ice cream for lunch in Vegas) and then went to visit with Great Great Grandma once more. Nate wanted sushi for dinner, so Karen, Paul and Michael met us at a Japanese restaurant in our hotel. Later, we packed up and headed to the airport for our flight (we left at midnight!).
  • Sunday— We arrived in Cincinnati at about 7 am local time. Millie did really well on the flight home. She fell asleep at 9 pm at the hotel and stayed asleep during takeoff, woke just briefly during the flight (when I was trying to hand her off to her grandma so I could get some sleep!), and then promptly fell back asleep until we got on the shuttle to the long-term parking lot. 

 We had such a great trip. Before leaving, I had worried about how Millie would do, but it turns out traveling with a 2.5 month old is not so bad. We had a wonderful time visiting with the Fields family and Great Great Grandma. We hope to see them all again sometime soon!


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  1. What a lucky little lady. Not many people get to meet a great-great-grandparent! Very cool. Glad she was such a sweet little traveler, now you know she can handle a trip to Arizona!!

  2. Absolutely she can handle a trip to Arizona! The question is: Can Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Tony and Cousin Max handle Millie??

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