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4 Months Old   2 comments

Millie Louise Keyse is 4 months old. She is also…

  • LOUD! Millie likes to coo and squeal and scream! Our babysitter has a 9 month old girl (Abby) who loves to scream and squeal and she has apparently taught Millie how to join in. Paula says Millie will sit at the breakfast table watching while the other kids eat and just jabbers along. (I wish I could see that!)
  • SLEEPY. Millie has been a pretty good sleeper from day 1, but now she is a champion! For example, last Saturday night she went to sleep at 7:30 pm and woke up on Sunday morning at 8:50 am… only because we went in and woke her.
  • SWEET. More than 1 person has noticed, so I’m not just being partial. Millie seems to really like people and is very content to be passed from person to person at church.
  • TINY. She is only 12 lbs— that’s about the 10th percentile. We have NO clue how we  had such a petite little girl, but it suits her.
  • ACTIVE. Millie rolls from her back to her belly and can also go back the other way (she’s only rolled from stomach to back a few times, but she can do it!).
  • NOSY. Millie doesn’t want to miss a thing. She notices the moment someone walks into the room and watches you the whole time  you’re there!
  • ADORABLE. Seriously.

I could go on and on about Mils, but I leave it there for now. It’s hard to believe that our baby is already 4 months old. We love her so much and we’re forever grateful to  have her in our lives. We’re so looking forward to all of the fun things that month #5 will bring.



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Be Careful   2 comments

The lesson I learned recently is be careful what you wish for. It wasn’t long ago that I wished that Millie would go ahead and roll over. I was so looking forward to that milestone! Well, Millie rolled over for the first time last Friday at around 3:40 am. She woke up crying, so I went in her room to check on her and found her laying on her belly! I fed her and put her back to sleep (on her back) and, when I went in to get her ready for the sitter’s later that morning (around 6:40 am) she was on her belly again, snoozing away.

she woke up just as I grabbed the camera, of course!

I was SO proud that she rolled (twice)! It was just what I had been looking forward to… and then came bedtime… Millie is a great roller (only at night— I have yet to actually see her roll) but I think she gets scared when she ends up on her belly and so she cries for a bit. Now, our house is (what’s the word?) TINY, so there is NO sleeping through Millie fussing. When Millie rolls and subsequently fusses, everyone in the house wakes  up. The past few nights, it has felt like we have a newborn again! Nate and I have been taking turns checking on Millie (neither of us loves the idea of her sleeping on her belly) and rolling her back over when she fusses. I am getting tired of it! And I think Millie is too. She is like her momma and likes to sleep!

PS- While I was writing this blog entry… Millie rolled over in front of me! THEN she rolled the other way (belly to back!!!). It’s like she’s apologizing for the lack of sleep and trying to make up for it with milestone moments. All is forgiven. I LOVE THIS KID.

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Mom Cut   9 comments

I have a habit of growing my hair long, then chopping it off. This happens every 1.5 to 2 years (that’s how long it takes for me to grow it out). I did it right after Nate and I got married in 2007 and then again in the summer of 2009. From July ’09 to now, I’ve just been letting it grown with a few (very few) trims thrown in to keep me from looking homeless. I like long hair, but mine was getting boring. For about  an entire month after Millie was born, I lived in a ponytail. I just didn’t feel like taking the time to blow my hair dry and then go through the process of straightening when it was going to look like crap anyway (Cincinnati humidity is not good to me). I didn’t really care all that much until I went back to work. I would straighten it and then by the time I got to work (after walking from my house to the bus stop and from the bus stop to work) it would look like crap. No fun. Plus, I was itching to cut it all off (it’s been 2 years since my last big chop!) So, I got my hair cut on Saturday. I woke up, washed and blew my hair dry and decided that it was time for a change. I called a salon I’ve never been to before, got an appointment for 11:30 am and headed out. I gave my stylist 2 options: she could give me a trim and do something with my bangs to try to liven up my boring cut OR she could give me a shorter bob. I specifically told the stylist that I didn’t want a “Mom cut” but that I was ready for something new (as long as a shorter cut didn’t make my face look wider— I do not need that). She said “let’s go for it!” and started cutting. 45 minutes later, my hair was MUCH shorter.

my hair right before the cut



I’ve gotten mixed reviews on my cut. The good comments include “It looks cute!” and (the best compliment ever) “You should have always had your hair like that!” The bad include “You got your haircut— do you like it?” (a sure sign that the speaker doesn’t like it!) and (my favorite) “Nice Mom-cut!” I immediately get defensive when someone calls it a Mom-cut. To me, Mom hair is super low maintenance and looks like crap. That is basically how my long hair was— SUPER low maintenance (hello, what’s easier that a ponytail?) and crappy looking (I would go MONTHS between haircuts… not exactly the recipe for healthy, pretty hair). BUT, my short hair is slightly higher maintenance (I have to blow it dry— it’s not long enough for a ponytail) and my hair looks much healthier now that it is shorter. Still, if you want to call my new style a Mom cut, go for it. I am a mom, so I guess any haircut from now on is technically a Mom cut (plus, I love that Millie can’t pull my hair as easily now that it’s shorter… ok, I admit it… it’s a Mom cut).

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That’s Not It   6 comments

I am a tired momma. I was tired when we first brought our newborn home, but (thankfully) the sleepless nights were few. And, since my girl is quite a good sleeper, I have been fortunate enough to get decent sleep each night since she was 5 weeks old. However, now that I am back to work, I am exhausted. My full-time job as an Underwriter requires concentration (I sometimes wish I had a mindless job, but, alas, mine requires me to think) and my full-time job as a mom takes quite a bit of energy too. Please keep all of this in mind when you read the following story, and give me a break.

The following conversation took place this morning at about 9:30 am in the hall outside my department.

Me: Hi, Co-worker! It’s good to see you!

Co-Worker: Hey, Julie! Welcome back. How was maternity leave?

Me: It was awesome!

Co-Worker: And how is Mable?

Me: Hmmmm…. Mable. That’s not it, but…(thinking hard) well, what is it?

Co-Worker: (gives me weird look)

Me: Millie! That’s it! She’s GREAT!!

Yes, for a minute or two, I forgot my kid’s name. The name Mable threw me off. It is similar to Millie (old-fashioned, starts with an “M”, 2 syllables) but it just didn’t feel right. I immediately texted Nate once I got back to my desk, confessed my stupidity, called myself a bad mom, and asked if he’s ever forgotten her name. His reply? “Not bad mom, tired mom. And not yet, but I’m sure I will at some point. I’ve already forgotten her birthday several times.”

Ah, poor Millie. Her parents are exhausted but we sure do love her.

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