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The lesson I learned recently is be careful what you wish for. It wasn’t long ago that I wished that Millie would go ahead and roll over. I was so looking forward to that milestone! Well, Millie rolled over for the first time last Friday at around 3:40 am. She woke up crying, so I went in her room to check on her and found her laying on her belly! I fed her and put her back to sleep (on her back) and, when I went in to get her ready for the sitter’s later that morning (around 6:40 am) she was on her belly again, snoozing away.

she woke up just as I grabbed the camera, of course!

I was SO proud that she rolled (twice)! It was just what I had been looking forward to… and then came bedtime… Millie is a great roller (only at night— I have yet to actually see her roll) but I think she gets scared when she ends up on her belly and so she cries for a bit. Now, our house is (what’s the word?) TINY, so there is NO sleeping through Millie fussing. When Millie rolls and subsequently fusses, everyone in the house wakes  up. The past few nights, it has felt like we have a newborn again! Nate and I have been taking turns checking on Millie (neither of us loves the idea of her sleeping on her belly) and rolling her back over when she fusses. I am getting tired of it! And I think Millie is too. She is like her momma and likes to sleep!

PS- While I was writing this blog entry… Millie rolled over in front of me! THEN she rolled the other way (belly to back!!!). It’s like she’s apologizing for the lack of sleep and trying to make up for it with milestone moments. All is forgiven. I LOVE THIS KID.


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  1. I meant to comment on this when you first posted but things got a little crazy. I know you guys are worried about her sleeping on her stomach but if she can successfully roll, unassisted, front-back and back-front stomach sleeping is not something to worry about. In fact you may consider putting her on her tummy for naps at first so she doesn’t get so freaked out when she ends up that way in the middle of the night. I hope the sleep is getting better. Cousin John is teething so we are sort of in the same boat.

    • TEETHING?! AH! He is such a big boy already! I need to see him (and Gracie and her parents, of course). Millie can roll easily from her back to her belly, but I’ve only known her to roll from her belly to her back 1 time. Do you still think it’s ok if she sleeps on her belly? There’s not a lot I can do about it now cause she won’t stop rolling, but I was thinking about getting a sleep positioner to try and keep her on her back…

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