4 Months Old   2 comments

Millie Louise Keyse is 4 months old. She is also…

  • LOUD! Millie likes to coo and squeal and scream! Our babysitter has a 9 month old girl (Abby) who loves to scream and squeal and she has apparently taught Millie how to join in. Paula says Millie will sit at the breakfast table watching while the other kids eat and just jabbers along. (I wish I could see that!)
  • SLEEPY. Millie has been a pretty good sleeper from day 1, but now she is a champion! For example, last Saturday night she went to sleep at 7:30 pm and woke up on Sunday morning at 8:50 am… only because we went in and woke her.
  • SWEET. More than 1 person has noticed, so I’m not just being partial. Millie seems to really like people and is very content to be passed from person to person at church.
  • TINY. She is only 12 lbs— that’s about the 10th percentile. We have NO clue how we  had such a petite little girl, but it suits her.
  • ACTIVE. Millie rolls from her back to her belly and can also go back the other way (she’s only rolled from stomach to back a few times, but she can do it!).
  • NOSY. Millie doesn’t want to miss a thing. She notices the moment someone walks into the room and watches you the whole time  you’re there!
  • ADORABLE. Seriously.

I could go on and on about Mils, but I leave it there for now. It’s hard to believe that our baby is already 4 months old. We love her so much and we’re forever grateful to  have her in our lives. We’re so looking forward to all of the fun things that month #5 will bring.



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2 responses to “4 Months Old

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  1. Every picture I’ve seen from this photo shoot is adorable!! These are some really great attributes of Millie!!

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