You Should See the Other Baby   1 comment

I cringe every time I go to get Millie up in the morning or at the end of nap time. I cringe, not because I’m dreading spending time with her (in fact, I’m usually staring at the clock thinking “Can I get her up yet? Has she had enough rest?”). I cringe because I know I’m likely about to see a baby who looks like she’s been in a bar fight.

the damage

Millie sucks her thumb when she is sleepy/going to sleep. When she has her thumb in her mouth she also hooks her other fingers around her nose or rubs the skin just under her eye. Of course, rubs isn’t the right description. To be accurate, Millie scratches the hell out of her nose and the skin under her eyes. The result is pitiful. Sometimes she draws blood. Sometimes, particularly if she has drawn blood, she will wake herself up screaming. Nate and I are horrified. We have no idea how to prevent further damage. We trim her nails regularly. We even file them so there are no apparent rough edges.

her weapons

Obviously, Millie has some sort of Wolverine-like claws that only appear when she is sleepy and she is too shy to show them to us. She probably thinks we won’t love her when we find out she’s a mutant. Poor baby. We love her, Wolverine-claws and all.


Posted September 5, 2011 by Nate and Julie in Millie

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  1. I’m giggling at the thought of Millie with hidden Wolverine claws.

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