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Well, today is my birthday (happy birthday to Jennifer Galietti too!). My friend Susan sent me the first “happy birthday” text of the day, saying “It’s your first mommy b-day!” and I must say being a new mom puts a new perspective on this day. Today, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my own mom. After all, this was a pretty big day for her! 28 years ago, my wonderful mother went from being the mother of 2 to being the mother of 4! I cannot imagine how terrfying and exciting that must have been.
My parents were once told that they would not be able to have children of their own. They decided to go the adoption route and were blessed when my brother Chris joined the family at the adorable age of 3 months. A couple of years later, they were happily surprised to find out that they were expecting a baby and Kevin joined the family. Mom and Dad thought their family was complete. THEN, surprise!, Mom came to find out she was expecting. She was at the doctor and was told they wanted to do an ultrasound, just to rule out twins and— SURPRISE AGAIN— the doctor informed her that she was indeed carrying 2 babies. I think she threw up and cried when they gave her the good news. She made the doctor tell my dad. I’m not sure who told Chris and Kevin that they would be big brothers, but I doubt they understood the hugeness of what was happening.
I was born at 11:29 pm on September 25, 1983. Jennifer arrived at 11:30 pm (we couldn’t stand to be apart for more than 1 minute). Mom says we were great sleepers right from the start. She had to wake us up to feed us! The only thing Kevin remembers about our birth was that Mammaw (I think it was Mammaw) gave him M&Ms when he came to visit us.
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Jen. Happy birthday to my Mom. She has been the mother of 4 for 28 years now and I hope it has been enjoyable for her.


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