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Time is flying by for the Keyse family. We can’t believe it’s already the end of October! This is out favorite time of year. We love the chilly weather, the Fall get-togethers with friends, the end of summer humidity… the only thing we don’t like is that winter is just around the corner. Don’t get me wrong, we like winter (the holidays, the Christmas cookies, the Christmas TV specials…) but we (mostly Julie) hate the threat of winter weather. Driving in the snow is one of Julie’s least favorite things. It makes Julie a nervous wreck. And, now that Millie has become a regular passenger in the family car, the thought of driving in less than ideal weather makes us even more nervous than normal. For this reason, about a month ago we decided to start the search for a 4WD or AWD car. A lot of debate and research occurred. Have you noticed we haven’t blogged in a while? All of our free time was devoted to reading consumer car reviews, number-crunching as we attempted to adjust our budget for the possibility of a car payment, and price checking as we spent hours on It was exhausting. Last night, we decided that we for sure did not want a car payment. We paid off all of our consumer debt almost 2 years ago (our only debt is our mortgage) and have committed to paying cash whenever possible. Still, we considered getting a small car loan since 4WD cars are typically more expensive than FWD… unless you buy an older, higher mileage car— which is exactly what we did. Check it out.

Our “new” Subaru Outback (aka a station wagon). It’s totally family friendly, roomy, and (like all Subarus) it comes with AWD. Plus, Subarus are known for lasting well past 200,000 miles when they are well taken care of (which is why Julie has wanted a Subaru for a while now) and for terrific safety and reliability ratings. We brought it home today after writing a check for the full balance. It’s not a new car (we did consider buying new at one point in our car search). It’s not exactly what I thought we’d get when started the whole car search. Still, we like it. We think it’s got character— when we first saw it online we both laughed out loud… then said “you want it, right?”. It’s the first car we’ve bought with Millie. Nate loves that it has a tape deck. Julie is just hopeful that she’ll avoid heart palpitations this year at the first sign of snow flurries. The whole family is happy.


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6 responses to “Millie’s First Car

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  1. I will do my best to keep my jealousy in check, but you know I love that car. Love. That. Car.

  2. Looks good! Unless the tape deck is an 8-track tape player (have you guys ever even seen one of those?) Leslie says she has some books on tape that Millie can listen to in the car. You do realize that sometime in the future someone much smaller than you will be controlling what you listen to in the car, right?

  3. Fun! Congrats, Keyse fam!

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