Millie’s First Masterpiece   1 comment

How do you know when you have a great child care provider? Well, I’m pretty much an expert in this area. We LOVE Paula, the wonderful woman who is our partner in Millie’s care. I am so thankful to have found her. Here’s how we know Millie is in the right place:

  • Millie only has eyes for Paula. My mom asked if Millie gets excited to see us when we pick her up in the afternoon. The answer? Nope. She does however smile at Paula a lot! (My feelings don’t get too hurt… as soon as get out of Paula’s house Millie gives us lots of smiles and giggles and squeals.)
  • We get a daily note titled “What I did Today”— it’s all about Millie’s day: what times she ate and how much, what activities she did (floor play, jumperoo, Bumbo seat), nap times, even the # of dirty diapers! I love knowing all about how she spent her day.
  • Millie is usually doesn’t take an afternoon nap at Paula’s— my theory is that she’s just having too much fun playing with the other kids to nap.
  • Millie is social! At church, at Target, on walks through the neighborhood, wherever—- Millie loves to meet new people. I think it goes back to all of the social time she gets with the other kids (an 11 month old girl and 2 1-year old boys) and Paula during the week. It must be a sign of good interactions, right?
  • Millie gets to make crafts! Well, really she’s just made one so far, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. Check it out.

Millie’s little footprints make the cutest ghosts, don’t you think?? I’m so thankful that Paula and Millie made this sweet little craft so we can remember our little girl’s first Halloween. I will treasure this masterpiece forever. I so appreciate Paula, a wonderful caregiver who is so sensitive to the heart of a working mom,  who takes such good care of Millie while Nate and I are at work, and who is already making wonderful memories with Millie.


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  1. How incredibly adorable!!!

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