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Very, Very Thankful   1 comment

I was telling Nate yesterday how much I love Thanksgiving. Growing up it was never my favorite holiday— I blame the lack of presents. Funny enough, that’s one of the reasons this holiday has moved up the list. Thanksgiving doesn’t need presents; it leaves all the focus on family and food. 2 of my favorite things.

Nate and I both feel very thankful this year (and pretty much every year we’ve been together). Here are just a few reasons why:

  • We are so thankful for our marriage. I’ll refrain from getting overly sentimental now (I’ll save that for our December 1st wedding anniversary), but basically we both feel like we made the right choice when we decided to spend our lives together. My only regret? That we only get 1 lifetime. I sure do love that man.
  • We are so thankful for Millie. She has brought so much joy to our lives! Deciding to have a baby was definitely the second-best decision we ever made.
  • We are so thankful for family (especially now that we have Millie). Seeing our parents as grandparents, siblings as aunts and uncles and our niece and nephew as cousins makes us appreciate family even more.
  • We are so thankful for our church. Echo Church has, once again, been a huge part of our year. We are thankful to have a place to serve within this community and LOVE that Millie has a church home where she will come to learn all about the Lord!
  • We are so thankful for our friends. MOST of our friends are from Echo. And they are amazing.
  • We are so thankful for our jobs (and our understanding bosses!). Nate enjoys going to work each day. It’s such a blessing to know that my husband enjoys being at work. While I don’t enjoy work quite as much as Nate, I am very thankful to have a job that allows us to provide for our family and for the opportunity to work with some fantastic people.
  • We are so thankful for Paula (Millie’s babysitter). I would not be able to do what I need to do without her help.

We are excited to be spending Thanksgiving 2011 with Jennifer and Tony at their home in Mesa, Arizona, and while we are sad that we will be so far from other family members on this holiday, we are really looking forward to a few days of twin-time. (Sorry Nate and Tony— Jen and I know we can be obnoxious when we are together.) We hope you all have a wonderful holiday, too! Happy Thanksgiving!




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Millie’s First Tooth   5 comments

I’ve been having a hard time lately. Millie has been getting “fussy” reports from the sitter everyday for the past 2 weeks. It breaks my heart to think of her being fussy while I’m at work and can’t comfort her. The first fussy week was the week she was getting over her cold, so it made sense. But this week she has been feeling fine at home so I couldn’t figure out why she was so fussy during the day. Well, we may have determined the reason. Drum roll, please…

Millie has her first tooth! Nate was the first to notice it and we both got so excited when we saw it! I told Nate, it feels like we’ve entered a whole new phase of baby-hood. Yesterday our baby was toothless, but today she has a tooth. It’s just another reminder that these sweet baby days are fleeting. They are going so quickly. First, a tooth; next, she’ll be leaving for college. Sniff, sniff. I feel like we just brought her home yesterday!

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Welcome Back!   Leave a comment

For the past week, my happy, content little girl has been replaced by a whiny, sick baby. Millie’s regular giggles and squeals and smiles have been replaced by cries, screams, and frowns.

It has been miserable. Millie hates to have her nose wiped, so she ends up crying when we have to do it… which makes her nose run even more…

Nate stayed home with her last Thursday and took her to the doctor. She’s been on an antibiotic and eye drop ever since, and, while her congestion has improved, she still wasn’t back to her happy, normal self… until today. When I got off the bus after work, I started walking toward home and I saw Nate and Millie walking toward me off in the distance (let me clarify, Nate was walking; Millie was being held). I took Millie from Nate when we met on the sidewalk and, for the first time in almost a week, Millie gave me a big smile AND a squeal!! Welcome back, Millie Lou! We sure missed you.

Ok, she wouldn't smile for the camera, but at least she stopped crying!!


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