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The Bathroom is (finally) done!   1 comment

Back before Nate and I became parents, we became homeowners. Our little (tiny) 3 bedroom ranch was built in 1958 and it became ours in August 2008. We love it and we have been enjoying doing little projects like painting and furniture rearranging (one of Julie’s favorite things to do) over the past few years. This past summer, we decided we were ready for a bigger project and decided to tackle the bathroom. Nate did most of the work— he ripped out the old pink shower tile and replaced it with white subway tile. He also put down a new floor, installed a new pedestal sink, hung a new cabinet and fixtures, and painted the whole room a sky blue color. All of this hard work made a big difference but the last step in our bathroom makeover was the have our bathtub reglazed. Our tub was painted by the previous owners and the old paint had started chipping off. GROSS. The reglazing company came in yesterday, stripped the old paint and basically had our tub looking practically new within a few hours. We are thrilled. Check it out:

Finally, the bathroom makeover is done. Now, on to the kitchen (literally… I’m going to the kitchen right now to remove all of the cabinet doors so that I can clean, prime and paint them…).


Posted January 29, 2012 by Nate and Julie in Home Improvement