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Sorry about the recent posts with NO pictures. Nate and I cleaned our house recently and put the charger for our camera battery in a place where we would be sure to find it. Too bad we can’t remember where that is… I have plans to turn my house upside down today searching for it, but until then, you are stuck  with just my word-y post.

Every other Saturday morning, Nate has his men’s Bible study so Millie and I get a little girl-time together. We miss Nate, of course, but these mornings are precious to me. I get Millie up and feed her and then we play. Sometimes she plays and I straighten up or she plays and I blog (like now), but most of the time, we are both sitting on the floor just playing. This won’t be a long post, because I want to get back to the fun stuff, but I just had to document what this special time means to me.

9-month-old Millie is VERY curious. She loves picking up a toy, examining it, and then either throwing it to the side or playing with it for a bit. Her favorite toys either light up or play music (music > lights). We spend a lot of time playing with the music toys. She bobs up and down with the beat of the song while I sing (to the tune of Yankee Doodle: “My first laptop is so fun/ it’s made just for me/ learning all about my home/ come along and see!”). She loves this time and so do I.

When we’re not singing and dancing, Millie is crawling everywhere! We have to block off the exit to the living room just to keep her contained in one room, but even then we have to keep a close watch on this girl. She loves to crawl to the front door and sit in front of it (trying to escape her crazy, singing mother perhaps?). She also loves to tug on power cords and pull CD cases off the entertainment center. These 2 activities have resulted in the first cries of “no-no!” from Nate and I. She hears us, turns sweetly, gives us a BIG smile (4 teeth now… so cute!) and then gets right back to whatever she’s not supposed to be doing. I see inevitable time-outs in our future…

Millie is working toward her next big milestone by trying to pull up into a standing position. She gets up into a kneeling position in front of the couch and  tries to stand. She has not been able to do it unassisted yet, but it’s only a matter of time. As I typed those last words, she crawled over to me and tried to pull up on my legs… Millie noticed that I am using the lap top (another favorite toy of hers) and wanted to get up on the couch so she can type! I’m going to take that as a sign that I need to get back to my girl. I have more to talk about… I trimmed her hair for the first time (no more mullet), our new babysitter is working out wonderfully, I have already started thinking about her first birthday party… but all that will have to wait for now! I find myself overwhelmed with how thankful I am for Millie Louise and for all the joy she has brought to Nate and me. This time last year I was so excited to meet my baby and now I’m “living the dream.”


Posted February 18, 2012 by Nate and Julie in Julie, Millie

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  1. So thankful you have such precious joy!

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