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Millie was born with a lot of dark hair. I remember that being the first thing I noticed when I first saw her. I just loved all that hair! As she’s grown, her hair has lightened to a pretty light brown color. It’s also grown a lot, but it did not grow out evenly. In fact, she had quite a mullet for a while.

Image(I know, this is a HORRIBLE picture of Mils, but I love it… the drool, the snot, the food on her face, the mullet… THIS is my baby.)

I had such a hard time deciding to cut her hair. For some reason I had it in my mind that I should wait until her first birthday before cutting her hair. Also, I was worried that somehow she would look worse if I cut it, but someone suggested that I just go ahead and trim it up. More specifically, Jennifer and I were Skyping one day and she lovingly referred to Millie’s hair as “awful” and basically made me promise that I would giver her a trim. I did and I must admit that she looks much less homeless now. Still, just because her hair is shorter does not mean she doesn’t have crazy hair days. For example, this past weekend, Millie woke up with a booger stuck in her hair. Yep, you read that right. A BOOGER. She has a runny nose (the teething nose as we so affectionately call it… tooth #5 is on its way) and while sleeping she must have wiped her nose and wiped a booger right into her hair. It was so gross. I gave her a bath with the hopes of washing the booger out of her hair with shampoo, but no luck. I actually had to cut the thing out. It’s like she’s just destined to be gross— first with the mullet, then with the booger hair. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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