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Millie has a ton of nicknames. I think I’ve mentioned it before. We call her Mils, Millie Lou, M’Lou, Lou, Louie, Mimi, Mia, Girl, Girl-girl, Darryl (it would take too long to explain). We started nicknaming her before she was even born, so I’m not shocked by the number of names the girl has. But I am shocked by another name that came about. Before she was born, I remember saying “I do not want a little princess-y diva” and I swore I’d never call her princess. I didn’t want her to act like a spoiled little princess or annoyingly girly-girl. Then, one day, I said it. I think it happened when I first went in her room to wake her up: “Good morning, princess.” I just can’t help but call her that! Still, Nate talked to me about it and said, maybe we should call her “scientist” instead in an effort to try and (gently) encourage her toward the math and science fields. So, a new nickname was born: Princess Baby Research Scientist. Say it out loud. Maybe it sounds awkward at first, but after the second or third time saying it, it rolls right off the tongue. Ok, maybe it still sounds awkward, but regardless, it is now an official Millie Louise Keyse nickname.


Posted April 9, 2012 by Nate and Julie in Uncategorized

4 responses to “Princess Baby Research Scientist

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  1. lol that is just to funny, but it can’t hurt to play scientists yourselves and see if this theory works.

  2. Ha ha ha! Love it! Definitely balances out!

  3. I love how it rolls off the tongue…

  4. Of course, you know I LOVE it! A perfect combo for a perfect little girl! That was my classification when I first started at Ford. Well….minus the Princess Baby part!

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