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I posted this picture on Facebook and I wanted to give a little explanation behind it. Millie loves to play in water. She frequently crawls over to Major’s water dish and happily splashes around in it. It grosses Nate out BIG TIME. I wanted to let her play with water, but I didn’t want her to keep going after the dog’s dishes. So, the other night I filled up some containers with water so that Millie could play with water in a non-gross way. SHE LOVED IT. She started with 3 containers and quickly dumped all of the water out of the smallest bowl. Then she would gently stick her hands in the two remaining bowls before dumping a second bowl of water all over the place. The largest container was full of water for the longest time (about 4 minutes) before Millie flipped it over, sending water all over her and the floor. It was so fun watching her play. She kept looking at the water and containers and seemed shocked each time she ended up being soaked after she dumped a container. I think she is really going to enjoy playing with water this summer. She was too little to go swimming last year, but we may have a water baby this year.


Posted April 22, 2012 by Nate and Julie in Uncategorized

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