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What A Week   2 comments

This week was one of those weeks. You know what I’m talking about… work was stressful, the house was in a constant state of disarray, there was never enough time in the day… oh yeah, and I got rear-ended on the way to work on Tuesday morning.

Thankfully, aside from a little residual soreness, no one was hurt and, best of all, one of Cincinnati’s finest witnessed the collision. This was the first accident I have ever been involved in (and I hope my last) and I feel like I have taken on a part-time job dealing with the claim process. So far, the damage is assessed at $1496.06, but that’s just based on the visible damage. The estimator said there is additional damage that will be noted when the car is “torn down”.  I hope that everything is fixed quickly and that I will soon be back on the road in my good old Saturn.

In other news, Millie Louise turned 14 months old on Friday! Nate and I have really noticed a huge change in her over this past month. She took her first steps, jabbers all the time, and looks less like a baby and more like a little girl. Since her first few steps, Millie has decided she still prefers to crawl, but the little stinker can walk. She has developed a bit of separation anxiety this month (she cries for a while when we leave her in the church nursery) and even cried once when Nate left her at Janette’s (our sitter). She is starting to get picky about her food— she loves hot dogs, but doesn’t like veggies. She likes milk (it took a while for her to get used to it) and, when she tastes something she likes, she says “mmmmmmm!” She LOVES to play with Major, look at baby pictures of herself, and read books. She is a joy to be around and I’m so thankful to have her to come home to after a stressful day at work.


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Car Rides   1 comment

Millie is a great sleeper. She plays well independently. She loves animals. Overall, Millie is sweet, friendly, loving and just a great baby. BUT, there is one thing that is not so great about Millie. She is NOT a great car rider. She does fine on short trips, say, 30 minutes or less. However, beyond that, she gets fussy, cranky and restless. It makes driving to any location outside of the Greater Cincinnati area quite a challenge. Our little family had to go to Bellefontaine, Ohio to celebrate Nate’s grandfather’s 80th birthday.  It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to drive from our house to Bellefontaine. We left our house at naptime, hoping that Millie would fall fast asleep while we drove and then wake up, refreshed and happy for family time. No luck. She did not fall asleep for even a minute. After no afternoon nap and a busy afternoon of visiting and playing outside, we were certain that she would crash during the drive home. Millie cried for the first 40 minutes of the drive, then finally fell asleep. Then, around Dayton, Ohio (still more than an hour away from our house), she woke up SCREAMING! We had to pull over so I could get her out of her carseat to calm her down. You know when you cry so hard that it takes forever for your breathing to go back to normal? Yeah, that was Millie. After 15 or 20 minutes, she calmed down enough for me to put her back into the carseat. Then, she started wailing again. Nate and I contemplated getting a room at Red Roof Inn (the nearest hotel) and giving up on the whole driving for 2.5 hours straight thing before deciding to go with Plan B: Singing songs from Disney animated classics at the top of our lungs. We sang selections from Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Cinderella… and, guess what— Millie stopped crying. She was probably laughing at us, but I couldn’t hear her mockery over our melodies. It was a pretty memorable night, but not one that I want to repeat anytime soon. So, if you live more than 30 minutes from us, please do not be offended if we decline an invitation to visit. Don’t take it personally. For the moment, we are just not a travelling family.

*For any parents whose children don’t “freak out” in the car: any tips? Millie is still rear facing since she’s less than 20 pounds (our pediatrician wants her to be at least 2 before we turn her around) and so, while I think switching her to forward facing car seat would definitely help for longer car rides, it’s not an option. Is 14 months old to young for DVDs? We don’t really allow Millie to watch TV at home so I don’t know if she would even be interested in a movie, but I can’t stand the thought of going on a 1 hour or longer car ride without a plan!

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I keep forgetting I have a blog   2 comments

When Nate and I started this blog, we imagined weekly posts full of charming anecdotes and witty humor. I really thought once weekly posts would be do-able- I mean, I would probably have to narrow down topics each week since Millie would be so entertaining and full of blog-worthy material. Well, a year and a half later, I am a blog failure. Sometimes I forget that we even have a blog! Thankfully for my 3 readers, my lovely sister Jennifer gently reminded me that it has been a while since my last post. Thanks, Jen!

So, time to fill you all in on life. We’ve actually been pretty busy at the Keyse house. Nate is taking a summer class, the first course of his Master’s degree program. He’s taking Basic Counseling Theories and Methods as an online course and it’s been a nice way for him to ease back into “student mode”. This Fall he will take 3 classes while continuing to work full-time. It’s going to be a crazy few years, but we’re excited to see what God has in store for him in a future career as a counselor. I (Julie) am excited to report that I passed my second underwriting exam (there are four total) and I am looking forward to new challenges at work. The financial group that I work for has three different life insurance companies and I recently accepted an offer for an underwriting position with one of the other companies. This will allow me to underwrite an entirely different market and enhance my experience for future endeavors. And, now, let me fill you in on the most interesting Keyse of all— Millie. The girl is BUSY. She is constantly on the move. She’s not walking on her own yet, but walks along all of the furniture and crawls very fast whenever she “runs out” of couch. Her favorite activities? Throwing toys in and out of her crib.

Crawling as fast as she can while she explores the house…

And laughing at her parents. She pretty much thinks we’re the funniest people EVER. Having a baby is so good for one’s ego.

Millie was fussing in the car the other day (she’s not a huge fan of the car) and so I started singing a song, making it up as I went along. I made Nate join in, mainly because I like to make him do stupid stuff, and Millie LOVED it. The lyrics include the phrase “Millie is a princess, Millie Louise” and she would crack up whenever she heard her name. I couldn’t see her very well, but I’m pretty sure she was swaying and dancing as much as she could in her car seat. The kid loves to dance. And we love to watch her.

We are getting ready for a visit from Jennifer and Tony, so I am sure that next week I will have a great post, full of pictures and stories, but for now, I must sign off. Not because I don’t have anything else to say, but because Millie is a wild woman and I want to go play with her. Seriously, I can’t get enough of this little face!


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