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15 Months Old   Leave a comment

It’s the 29th of July and my baby girl is officially one month older. Sniff, Sniff. 15 months old.  This past month has seen a lot of fun: Millie is walking more and more, she went swimming at her grandparents’ house for the first time, and she got a new haircut (baby bangs are the cutest). And, despite the fact that she is still pretty tiny (wearing 12 month clothes), she has developed a giant appetite. Her babysitter texted me the other day to tell me what she ate for breakfast: 6 mini pancakes, a banana, and a cup of milk… and then she ate some of Janette’s scrambled eggs, too. I am convinced she’s about to hit a growth spurt and will finally leave the petite stature behind her.

Millie’s favorite activity at the moment is storytime. She picks out a book, crawls or walks to the reader of her choosing (she usually picks whoever is busy doing something else, prompting a plea like “Millie, go to Daddy… Daddy will read to you”, which she completely ignores), and then hoists herself into their lap. Her favorite stories are Peas and Thank-youPeak-a-boo BabyLittle Donkey, and Millie’s Family Book (a gift from Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Tony). She also loves to play with her toy kitchen and with a toy shovel (she pretends it’s a phone and holds it up to her ear while jabbering… coincidentally, she has a toy phone that she refuses to talk into). She is a little stinker at church— she SCREAMS when we leave her in the nursery— and she can be shy when visiting with friends and family. But, after a few minutes, she typically warms right up. She is still sweet, chatty, and adorable. 15 whole months after the day she was born, and Nate and I are still amazed that we get to be the parents to this little girl. And I doubt that feeling is going to fade anytime soon.


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“AJER!”   2 comments

Millie has loved Major Tom, our Yorkie Bichon mix, since the first day she noticed him. She used to just be content to watch him, but now she is only content when sitting right next to him, petting him, or sharing his chew toys. Best buds, I tell ya! Millie also has started calling him by name. Well, to be more accurate, she has started yelling his name. Like Millie, Major Tom has a lot of nicknames: Maj, Maj-maj, Major-maj, Tom, Maj-tom, Tom-tom, Major T, Ground-Control-to-Major-Tom… yeah, we like nicknames at our house. Anyway, pretty much the only time I use Major’s full name is when I am yelling at him, which is daily, at least. Major likes to look out the window and bark at any passerby, which prompts me yelling “MAJOR!!” The other day, Millie echoed right after me “AJER!” IT WAS SO CUTE. A day or two after this happened, things got even cuter when Millie yelled “AJER!” when Major Tom barked without anyone else yelling first. ADORABLE, right?? Is anyone else understanding the level of cuteness I am describing??!!

Major Tom gets bad rap (mainly from me). He has poor manners, likes to “punishment pee” in the kitchen if we do something he doesn’t like, and, frankly, he smells like a dog. But, I must admit, the little guy is pretty adorable. He has been great with Millie. She is not very gentle with him- her pets are more like slaps and she likes to pull his beard hair, but he has only ever been sweet with her. He has never snapped at her, but rather he shares with her and is very patient. What more can I ask for from the family dog? Major turns 4 years old on July 5th, and I want to wish a very happy birthday to my sweet, stinky dog-son. Nate, Millie and I love you very much!

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