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It’s the 29th of July and my baby girl is officially one month older. Sniff, Sniff. 15 months old.  This past month has seen a lot of fun: Millie is walking more and more, she went swimming at her grandparents’ house for the first time, and she got a new haircut (baby bangs are the cutest). And, despite the fact that she is still pretty tiny (wearing 12 month clothes), she has developed a giant appetite. Her babysitter texted me the other day to tell me what she ate for breakfast: 6 mini pancakes, a banana, and a cup of milk… and then she ate some of Janette’s scrambled eggs, too. I am convinced she’s about to hit a growth spurt and will finally leave the petite stature behind her.

Millie’s favorite activity at the moment is storytime. She picks out a book, crawls or walks to the reader of her choosing (she usually picks whoever is busy doing something else, prompting a plea like “Millie, go to Daddy… Daddy will read to you”, which she completely ignores), and then hoists herself into their lap. Her favorite stories are Peas and Thank-youPeak-a-boo BabyLittle Donkey, and Millie’s Family Book (a gift from Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Tony). She also loves to play with her toy kitchen and with a toy shovel (she pretends it’s a phone and holds it up to her ear while jabbering… coincidentally, she has a toy phone that she refuses to talk into). She is a little stinker at church— she SCREAMS when we leave her in the nursery— and she can be shy when visiting with friends and family. But, after a few minutes, she typically warms right up. She is still sweet, chatty, and adorable. 15 whole months after the day she was born, and Nate and I are still amazed that we get to be the parents to this little girl. And I doubt that feeling is going to fade anytime soon.


Posted July 29, 2012 by Nate and Julie in Millie

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