Baby Julie and Baby Millie   4 comments

Remember this post from January 2011?

I spent a lot of time during my pregnancy wondering who Millie would look like. Then, Millie arrived and, those who knew Nathaniel as an infant swear that she is the spitting image of him as a baby while my family and friends insist she looks just like me. A couple of weeks ago, my mom came to visit and brought with her some baby pictures of me (and Jennifer, of course). So, I decided to compare a few with pictures of Millie:


Julie’s first steps (14 months old)


Millie’s first steps (14 months old)


Julie, probably around 14 months old

Millie, 12 months old

Check out Jennifer’s cheesy grin (Christmas 1984)

Millie’s cheesy grin

Ok, ok… just one more pair…

It’s official, people! Millie looks like her Mama (and Aunt!). Millie, since it appears you do/will resemble me physically, I would like to warn you. FIFTH GRADE IS GOING TO BE THE START OF ONE HECK OF AN AWKWARD PERIOD. Never fear, Millie Lou. I am here for you. I have gone before you and I (unlike my own mother) will not let you choose GIANT purple glasses to correct your failing eyesight. Nor will I allow you to wear a turtleneck under a flannel shirt over stirrup pants. One final warning: Your teeth are going to be huge. Eventually you will grow into them… or maybe you’ll just get used to them. The bottom line is this: Daddy and I love you lots and we’ll be there to capture every awkward moment of your adolescence… and then I’m going to blog about it. You have been warned.


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4 responses to “Baby Julie and Baby Millie

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  1. These are SUPER! Yes please blog about every awkward moment—yours and hers! ha ha.

  2. LOL yes she will be whatever and we love them no matter what. Nathaniel, I love ya buddy but Millie looks like her mother and Aunt.

  3. The wonderful thing about genetics is some of Nate will kick in too and maybe fifth grade won’t be that awkward after all. In the end she will grow up and be as pretty as her momma so it is all good.

    • Millie really is a mix of both of us, but, since I happened to have some of my baby pictures at my disposal, the blog entry ended up being about how she looks like me. If I can get my hands on some of Nate’s baby pictures, I’ll post those too.

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