Up To No Good

Millie Louise Keyse is 16 months old and, as you can tell by her mischievous grin, she is up to no good. While I was at work today, I received the following text from Millie’s babysitter:

So Millie snuck my keys out of my purse and pressed the panic button on the alarm system! 3 cops showed up in record time! Crazy!

Here’s the story. Janette has a security system for her home and can activate it by pressing a silent panic button on her key chain. She had no clue that a certain 16 month old had done just that until after 3 cops (in 3 separate cars) showed up at her door this afternoon. They asked to see her ID and had to make sure that she was truly the homeowner and not an intruder. It was an exciting day.

So, now you know why she’s grinning like that. Millie is doing what 16 month olds do— getting into everything and loving every second of it!


Posted August 29, 2012 by Nate and Julie in Millie

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