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Too Quiet   2 comments

Sometimes, when Millie is playing quietly in her room, I think to myself “what a sweet, independent 16 month old I have.” Then, I listen again and realize she’s not being quiet, she’s being too quiet. There’s definitely a difference. Today, Millie was being waaaayyyyyy too quiet. So, I went down the hallĀ  andĀ learned that her door was closed (not a good sign). When I opened it, this is what I found.

STUFF WAS EVERYWHERE. And she was so proud of her mess. My “favorite” part? The diapers in her crib. Nice touch, Mils.

I ran down the hall to grab my camera and documented the disaster area, and then Millie decided that she needed some privacy and shut the door on me.

SHE SHUT THE DOOR IN MY FACE! I had a flash-forward moment where I foresaw my life as the mother of a teenage daughter who needs her privacy. It was kind of frightening.

At least she smiled at me while kicking me out of her room.


Posted September 15, 2012 by Nate and Julie in Millie