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Millie, Millie Ketchup-Eater   1 comment

I am a picky eater. If I had my way, my regular menu would rarely vary from a rotation of cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, steak, tacos and pizza— all served with french fries. I also like sausage gravy with biscuits. Basically, I love carbs. But, I have high hopes that Millie will eat a wide variety of foods including VEGETABLES. At first, it seemed like Millie really did like veggies. Baby Millie loved squash and, as she got older, green beans were a favorite. Then, all of a sudden, she turned picky. I was mortified. All of the books and blogs that I read said not to force her into eating foods that she refused, and to just reintroduce them after a few days. No dice. Millie would have nothing of it. Then, all of a sudden, we had a breakthrough— KETCHUP. It turns out Millie will eat just about anything as long as she can dip it in ketchup. So now, Millie gets ketchup with pretty much everything. I’m pretty sure Nate gagged when he saw her dipping peas in ketchup, so I’ve given her a few other dipping options like ranch and sour cream.


She gets a lot of sauce on her face, in her hair, on the floor, but hey, at least she’s eating.

I LOVE THAT LITTLE FOOD-COVERED FACE. (I’m using all caps so you know I’m serious.)


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Toddler Hell   2 comments

I’m baaaaack! For the past, oh, 6 weeks or so I have been away in a place that Nate and I affectionately referred to as Toddler Hell. It wasn’t as fun as it sounds. Millie has been ROTTEN. She has been clingy, whiny, picky, crabby… do you get the picture? Millie is (almost) 18 months old and this is about the time when a lot of parents start thinking about having baby number two. Instead, I’ve been thinking “WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE 2 KIDS!?” I know how awful this sounds. That’s why I’ve avoided the blog lately. I hate to complain. Even on her worst days, Millie is the brightest spot in my life and I am extremely thankful to be her mother. But, whew! Toddler Hell is a tough place to be. Nate and I have done a lot of praying and I’ve been doing a lot of research about how to push through the stage.


Toddler Hell is a place where toys are thrown everywhere.


In toddler hell, Millie gets into my purse, steals my keys, runs to the door and tries to escape. Also, she’s crying AND laughing in this picture. Laughs are always accompanied by tears in Toddler Hell.

After 6-ish weeks of being stuck in the house with a crazy, moody toddler, I am happy to report that we have emerged from Toddler Hell. YAY! Last weekend, Nate and I worked hard to set clear limits with our girl and Millie has been wonderful this week. (We have a 3-stage discipline plan— first, a verbal “no”… if the behavior is repeated, a verbal “no” while holding and gently squeezing her hands… if she repeats the behavior AGAIN, she is removed from the room and put in time out.) It didn’t take her long to get with the program. She has whined only minimally (usually when Major was bugging her or trying to steal her raisins) and has read books quietly in her room instead of tearing her room apart. Instead of getting incredibly cranky before bed, this week she would just rub her eyes when she was getting tired and, when we put her in her crib, she would lay right down and fall asleep. Tonight at church, she didn’t even cry when I left to go to worship! 

To all of you mothers out there who are experiencing tough times, remember, it’s (probably) just a stage. Hang in there. And talk to another mom if you can. Talk to me! I understand. The only thing worse than being in Toddler Hell is being in Toddler Hell and feeling like you’re all ALONE. I’m thankful for my mom friends (including my twin sister who is a new mom to sweet baby Matteo Anthony) and I hope to be a good sounding board to those of you who have been kind enough to listen to me.

(DISCLAIMER: I really hate complaining about Millie Lou, but I really want to be honest about how tough this recent stage has been. Please don’t mistake this for boo-hooing or feelings of ungratefulness. I love being a mom, even to a rotten toddler, but, in the event that someone out there in a similar parenting stage ends up reading this blog, I feel compelled to be honest about how rough the last few weeks have been.)

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