Millie, Millie Ketchup-Eater   1 comment

I am a picky eater. If I had my way, my regular menu would rarely vary from a rotation of cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, steak, tacos and pizza— all served with french fries. I also like sausage gravy with biscuits. Basically, I love carbs. But, I have high hopes that Millie will eat a wide variety of foods including VEGETABLES. At first, it seemed like Millie really did like veggies. Baby Millie loved squash and, as she got older, green beans were a favorite. Then, all of a sudden, she turned picky. I was mortified. All of the books and blogs that I read said not to force her into eating foods that she refused, and to just reintroduce them after a few days. No dice. Millie would have nothing of it. Then, all of a sudden, we had a breakthrough— KETCHUP. It turns out Millie will eat just about anything as long as she can dip it in ketchup. So now, Millie gets ketchup with pretty much everything. I’m pretty sure Nate gagged when he saw her dipping peas in ketchup, so I’ve given her a few other dipping options like ranch and sour cream.


She gets a lot of sauce on her face, in her hair, on the floor, but hey, at least she’s eating.

I LOVE THAT LITTLE FOOD-COVERED FACE. (I’m using all caps so you know I’m serious.)


Posted October 24, 2012 by Nate and Julie in Millie

One response to “Millie, Millie Ketchup-Eater

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  1. Whoa! Two blog posts in one week. That’s amazing. And for the record, Millie is the cutest, grossest food-dipper in the world. I will be sure to have lots of dipping options available for her during your visit. Has she tried honey mustard???

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