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18 Months Old   1 comment

Millie Louise is 18 months old!!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE????


Here is what Millie is up to…

  • Millie weighs 20 lbs 8 oz (3rd percentile). She wears mostly size 18 clothes and size 4 shoes.
  • Millie loves to climb! She figured out how to climb on the ottoman in our living room and loves to sit on top of it. Thankfully, she hasn’t tried to climb out of her crib yet. I hope that doesn’t happen for a while!
  • Millie was Minnie Mouse for Halloween and had a great time walking from house to house to get candy. She really enjoyed eating the candy too (Kit Kats and M&Ms were a BIG hit).
  • Millie is still a GREAT sleeper. She sleeps from 7pm to 7am most days. On the weekends, she sleeps until 8:30 if we let her. She takes 1 long nap or 2 shorter naps during the day.
  • Millie likes: KETCHUP and other dipping sauces, books (Pat the Bunny is still a favorite), going outside, Major, the tiny toy kitchen she got for Christmas last year (maybe I’ll get her a bigger kitchen set this year), toy cars, and her baby doll.
  • Millie dislikes: wearing a coat in the car, being told no, getting her face wiped off, having her hair combed.
  • Millie gets in trouble for: taking a drink of milk and immediately spitting it back out, taking DVDs off the entertainment center, taking stuff out of the lower kitchen cabinets, whining.
  • Millie can say: ‘Dada’, ‘doggy’, ‘Major’, ‘Mama’ (sometimes), ‘hi’, ‘clap’, and ‘that’. She jabbers a lot, but it’s hard to decipher what she’s saying.

Millie is a blast to be around most of the time. She is BUSY. When she’s not sleeping, she is running, talking, playing, and laughing. Whew! She wears us out! She is a sweet, sweet girl and we love her so much!



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